WATCH: DeSantis asked if he’d be Trump’s VP. His answer is telling.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t announced if he’s running against Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, but he indicated Thursday he would not be Trump’s vice-presidential running mate.

Asked by Newsmax’s Eric Bolling if he would consider joining the Trump ticket, DeSantis said:

“I think I am probably more of an executive guy. I think that you want to be able to do things. That’s part of the reason I got into this job, is because we have action. We’re able to make things happen, and I think that’s probably what I’m best suited for.”

WATCH the clip posted below by Newsmax:

WATCH the full interview with DeSantis below:

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  1. DeSantis is a rino in hiding and has connections with some unsavory people . Along with endorsements from the Bush family who are Globalists .

  2. If he’s so good at being an executive, maybe he should keep his promise to the Floridians that he told he’d be Governor for FOUR YEARS. Truth: He was running for Governor and at the same time was meeting with Paulie Ryan and plotting a run for President. He asked John Fredericks to head up his VA campaign office for President. Fredericks said NO, I’m with Trump!

    Ron the Con is really showing his hand. My problem with him is the company he keeps. Paulie Ryan, Mitch Romney and his people, the Bushes, Singer, who funded the FAKE RUSSIAN DOSSIER, and on it goes. Do people all of a sudden think these people are good people to be associating with? I don’t think so.

    And another thing as Columbo used to say, do these people really just hate the mean tweets or do they see in Ron the Con that he will push forward THEIR agenda once he becomes President? I would suggest the latter.

  3. If DeSantis is not a globalist and Trump wants him for VP, then DeSantis has the opportunity to revolutionize the job of VP.

    If Trump picks someone else, maybe pick DeSantis for a high fallutin’ cabinet post or position where he can be an executive as much as allowed by the position.

  4. That would be awesome. Trump/DeSantis 2024 and then 8 yrs of a DeSantis presidency. These guys need to work together for the country. That is the most important thing. Not 1 and a half years of bickering and berating each other. These guys need a United front to fight the democrats. Personal ambitions should be put on the back burner. Things are too serious. The country needs these guys to work together. Every Republican needs to work side by side.

  5. He’s already badmouthed Trump on Piers show. I don’t trust him for anything. Not even in 2028. He’s not to be trusted. He has been sold out to the Rinos.


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