WATCH: DeSantis pledges to fire Chris Wray, old tweets from himself and Trump resurface

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Newly-declared Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis vowed Wednesday to dismiss FBI Director Christopher Wray, saying the bureau and the Justice Department have “lost their way” and allowed themselves to be “weaponized” against Americans.

In his first interview since formally jumping into the 2024 race, DeSantis, the second-term governor of Florida and former U.S. House member, said that he would shake up the leadership at the DOJ in the wake of continuing bombshell reports of politicization brought to the fore by Congress and select media outlets.

“No, I would not keep Chris Wray as director of the FBI. There’ll be a new one on day one,” DeSantis told Fox News’ Trey Gowdy on “Fox News Tonight.”

DeSantis went on to explain the kind of person he would hire to lead the FBI.

“In terms of an attorney general, you need someone that’s got a really strong backbone… if you’re going in there, and you’re taking care of business, the Washington Post is not going to like you. The New York Times is not going to like you,” DeSantis said.

“You’re going to get attacked by CNN. And you’ve got to wear that as a badge of honor. You can’t try to please polite society because otherwise you’ll just get captured by the institution itself,” he added.


The Trump War Room fired back with a screenshot of a Twitter post from DeSantis on June 7, 2017 and wrote, “Really?”

In the Twitter post, DeSantis had written, “Christopher Wray is talented, capable & highly respected. POTUS has made an inspired choice & I look forward to working with Director Wray.”

Below is the original Twitter post. DeSantis was responding to a tweet from then-President Donald Trump, also on June 7, 2017.

Trump had announced, “I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Details to follow.”

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  1. Looks like DML is back on the Pro DeSantis propaganda bandwagon! DeSantis will be exposed. He has no original thoughts and his policies shadow President Trump in so many ways. He has shown he lied to the voters in Florida. However he will not win so they in Florida have nothing to worry about!!!

  2. With DeSantis and Trump running against each other I fear this is going to split the votes between Conservative/Republican voters and give an edge to a lead Democrat. In my perfect world if DeSantis held off we could have had 12-years under Conservative/Republican leadership.

  3. Trump only did that to bring the shit to the surface come on people are you that freaking lost ? Pay attention STOP with all the stupidly ….. you all just fly back and forth listening to fake news and you don’t know nothing ! It’s been almost 7 years and most are still blind ! That’s why we are where we are right now !

  4. In this case you can’t go by old tweets with the latest and most current evidence of the FBI involvement in the deep state. If Trump knew then what he knows now he also would not have hired half of his cabinet. These people that Trump trusted to be a part of a team end up just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Desantis will use all of these people as ammo to try to diminish Trump’s efforts and point out as he did here as a bad judge of character. I seen in the last 7 years a bunch of people that have excellent work histories have skeletons in their closets and evil intentions behind closed doors, turn on a man that has only good intentions for the American people and not for this government that craves for more power. Desantis has qualities that you can’t dismiss, but he needs to rid himself of these establishment backers like Bush and Paul Ryan which makes me believe that hes complacent with those policies that are currently flowing through DC. I have a hard time giving him my vote if Trump is still in the fight. I’m afraid of him turning into another Romney.

  5. Looks like 2017 was bad for both of them. Waiting for them to kiss & make up before our party is fractured beyond repair! Their feud will wind up taking votes away from the nominee! Those who support one will not vote for the other in the general election. That scares me! Who wants 4 more years of Biden or any democrat? Not me! C’mon dudes, patch it up! Play nice.

  6. For a guy whose tagline was “You’re fired!,” Trump sure made a lot of bad personnel choices. Wray was one of them. But he also maintained peace, restored America’s strength, and had the economy humming on all cylinders. Wray should go, and Trump should stay.


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