WATCH: DeSantis Responds To Trump Attacks

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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to former President Donald Trump criticizing him for his COVID-19 response Tuesday. He said he has “people attacking” him from “all angles” and that the verdict is ultimately up to the “people.”

“Trump has criticized you a number of times in the past couple of days on a number of different issues, one of them being COVID in the state,” Daily Caller chief national correspondent Henry Rodgers asked DeSantis at a press conference on education.

“I roll out of bed, I have people attacking me from all angles,” DeSantis responded. “It’s been happening for many, many years. And if you look at the good thing about it, though, is like if you take a crisis situation like COVID, you know, the good thing about it is when you’re an elected executive, you gotta make all kinds of decisions. You gotta steer that ship, and the good thing is that the people are able to render a judgement on whether they reelect you or not.”

DeSantis then pointed to his landslide re-election, saying, “I’m happy to say, you know, in my case, not only did we win reelection, we won with the highest percentage of the vote that any Republican candidate has in the history of the state of Florida.”

“We won by the largest raw vote margin – over 1.5 million votes – than any governor candidate has ever had in Florida history. In fact, we almost doubled the previous record,” DeSantis said, adding, “That verdict has been rendered by the people of the state of Florida.”

DeSantis did not call out Trump by name.


While speaking to reporters aboard his plane on Saturday, Trump said DeSantis would not have become governor if it had not been for Trump’s endorsement ahead of the 2018 Florida gubernatorial election.

“So, when I hear he might run, I consider that very disloyal,” Trump said.

Many people are calling for DeSantis to run for president in 2024, but he has not yet made any announcements on his decision.

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    • I commend Ron DeSantis for not mentioning President Trump’s name to avoid further backlash. He doesn’t want to add any fuel to the embers. I say nice going Ron DeSantis. An Officer and a Gentleman. And DAMN great eye candy.

  1. DeSantis is not ready for the Big House this turn but Trump would win regardless. This is just the Media trying to divide n conquer. Don’t pay attention TRUMP2024

  2. If somebody says something that don’t align with your beliefs or feelings is not a attack!!!! As DeSantis says people disagree with him all the time. A disagreement is NOT a attack!! Please quit using it as such! A Attack is a physical, or deliberate physically hurtful to a person. Not a disagreement!!! So sick of this sh**!!!

    • DML is not writing these articles! So stop saying that he needs to quit saying attack instead of another word. He just aggregates the articles from other news outlets. I wish the media period would stop with trying to divide everyone and just report the facts and not try to sensationalize everything!

  3. For one thing, Trump did not attack him say all they’re doing is trying to get Trump and the Saints against each other. All he said is he would find that he would be being diss, loyal he didn’t attack him.

    • I don’t that that was the authentic kohn. He usually adds his usual spiel at the end about trumpster divers and this time did not copy and paste that paragraph. Wow, must be slipping into a kohnma (coma).

  4. Trump needs to change his playbook
    What won before isn’t going to put him in the WH again
    He’s too polarizing
    The only way he could win is if he’d put he’s ego in the back seat and be a unifier for the party and the nation
    We gotta win in ‘24!

    • Agree completely. I love DeSantis but we need him right where he is, right now. Four years from now will be a completely different story. NO ONE IS STRONGER THAN TRUMP IN A FAIR ELECTION.

      • I love DeSantis too, but FL needs him badly to keep the state in good hands. If we can’t get the “fair” part worked out, it won’t happen for Trump. joe, the liar-in-thief, commander of nothing moron will be in for another 4. I personally hope he is in an Alzheimer’s facility soon. He is on his way now. Old useless bastard.

    • I said the same thing above. kohn-man lives near an asian country. I read it in another of his posts. And he usually posts the trumpster diver comment. Rather, he copies and pastes it to every comment.

  5. More theatrics by the corrupt media trying to stir up the masses. Lots can happen between now and then, red wave come to mind? That was a attempt by the corrupt media to push ANOTHER false narrative and in the end it didn’t happen nor was it ever going to happen. So they blamed the former president, imagine that. The plan was to rule on roe vs wade and it worked just as they planned knowing all the vaginas would support the devil DEMONcrates AND they did. Politicians own the voters and they know it.

  6. Desantis said:
    I’m happy to say, you know, in my case, not only did we win reelection, we won with the highest percentage of the vote that any Republican candidate has in the history of the state of Florida.”

    And the Clown of COVID lost his re-election by dealing with COVID his way.

    Desantis is absolutely going to kick Trump’s lyin’ ass from one end of the voting booths to the other so badly, The God-Emperor will have no choice except to howl STOLEN ELECTION in his second big presidential loss.

  7. Trump all the way…Trump will dismantle DeSantis and more than likely DeSantis will no longer be a viable candidate for future elections. Once exposed and run through the Trump meat grinder few politicians can survive…ask loe energy Bush or lying ted…Trump 2024!!!!!!

  8. “It is the noblest and safest thing for a great army to be visibly animated by one spirit.”
    — Archidamus of Sparta

    DeSantis is ready, but the country would be better off if he doesn’t run for the presidency in 2024. If he does run, the Trump-hating Mockingbird media will play up the rift within the GOP daily, promoting DeSantis only until his victory looks certain, and then demonizing him in the same way they did Trump. Despite my own early doubts, Trump proved himself. Do you believe the Election of 2020 was stolen, or are you, like the Democrats in 2016, just partisan, deceitful, and disloyal enough to pretend it was? DeSantis shouldn’t run, and Trump should start acting like the Great Unifier in the party. DeSantis should be Trump’s running mate. Under the terms of the 12th Amendment, someone (Trump) will need to give up his FL residency. Trump-DeSantis in 2024!


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