WATCH: ‘Disinformation Board ‘ head complains board was ‘undone’ by ‘disinformation’

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After the Disinformation Governance Board announced this week that it would “pause” its operations less than a month after it was created, the former head of the stalled government agency, Nina Jankowicz, appeared on CNN Thursday night to complain about how the board was done in by right-wing disinformation.

Jankowicz admitted to the irony of the situation.

The article goes on to state the following:

Her cable news appearance followed a Wednesday Washington Post piece which announced that the Governance Board, a Department of Homeland Security project, would be pausing its operations. The article blamed the “right-wing internet apparatus” and its “coordinated online attacks” for compelling the board’s decisions.

Jankowicz joined host Laura Coates and revealed why her new position was quickly eliminated. She told the host, “Unfortunately and ironically, we were undone exactly by a disinformation campaign coming from folks who apparently want to put our national security behind their own personal political ambitions.”

Coates posed the question: “Why was that not anticipated here, in the sense that, did you not expect that there would be some measure or some inclination to try to use misinformation to sow distrust in the same thing you’re trying to do?”

“Well, you know, DHS is an extremely large department – 250,000 people work there – the department had other priorities. It’s got a huge mission set,” Jankowicz replied.

She continued, “And so at the time of the rollout, I think there were other priorities that were kind of put ahead of this rollout of the Disinformation Governance Board.”

“Unfortunately, the advice that I had given was not heeded about how to communicate – how to communicate openly, transparently and rapidly.”

“We created unintentionally an information vacuum that was filled with falsehoods and frankly directed a lot of vitriol and digging into my own personal life that I think was entirely disproportionate to the amount of power I had at the department.”


Washington Examiner investigative reporter Jerry Dunleavy tweeted Friday, “Nina you say ‘we were undone by a disinfo campaign from folks who put our national security behind their own political ambition.’ Respond to these instances of you pushing disinfo. I mean here’s Nina Jankowicz, DHS’s former Disinfo Governance Board director, who claims she was undone by a disinfo campaign, repeatedly pushing the bullshit Alfa Bank claims which are now at the center of an ongoing Durham trial.”

Journalist Tom Elliott wrote, “Biden’s aborted Truth Czar (@wiczipedia): ‘The Disinformation Governance Board was the victim of disinformation … [Critics] completely mischaracterized its mission. Frankly, this childish behavior is endangering our national security now.’ Jankowicz: ‘I’m 38 weeks pregnant. Not that that saves me from criticism but… I don’t deserve death threats for my public service to the country … I’m happy to take one for the country when it comes to protecting our national security & putting these issues at the forefront.'”

“Jankowicz says her political beliefs were always ‘checked at the door’ of DHS. ‘It is quite ironic that Republicans decontextualized a couple of tweets … & parts of my personal life that have been picked on in this childish game in order to endanger our national security.'”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted, “LOL. Of course. If you oppose Homeland Security’s Disinformation Board or criticize the views and statements of this #Resistance cartoon chosen to run it, then it means you are harming US National Security. Back to the days of: any questioning of the USG makes you a traitor. After seeing and hearing all of this from Nina Jankowicz, I would literally trust someone randomly chosen from the phone book (ask your parents what those are) to run this DHS Disinformation Board over her. She’s a caricature of a partisan fanatic and authoritarian extremist.”

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  1. The ministry of thought has been disbanded for the moment but they will shove it down your throat just as soon as they can get traction.

  2. This whole administration is threatening our National security. This was just another way of keeping the truth from the American people. Americans are finally realizing that they were fooled by the whole bunch of idiots running this country.

  3. Poor wittle depressed snowflake Jankowicz crying 😭 her wittle heart out to the Communist News Network! No body likes me now! 😆🤣😅😂🤗


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