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In an exclusive interview Tuesday with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, Hayman Capital Management founder and CIO Kyle Bass revealed that China has recently purchased a 180,000 ranch – in south Texas, USA.

Bass first made the bombshell announcement in a Twitter post on Saturday, as he shared a photo of a locked gate at the ranch’s entrance.

“The Chinese have recently purchased over 180,000 acres of Texas ranch land near the runway of the US’s largest pilot training base for the Air Force. Standing at the their front gate on a recent reconnaissance trip, I couldn’t believe we allowed these purchases under CFIUS,” Bass wrote, referencing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

This ranch land also sits on the US border with Mexico and boasts a 30,000 sq ft lodge and a private runway which helps the Chinese owners ferry people and cargo in and out of the border region with limited to no oversight by US authorities. This must STOP,” he added.

When asked, “And what of the fool that sold it to them?” Bass responded, “They have a front-man from Longview. The sellers thought they were selling to another American.”

Monday evening, Bass added additional details, and said he would be speaking with Bartiromo Tuesday morning. He wrote:

I’m going to be on @MariaBartiromo tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8am ET (7am Texas time) to discuss the former People’s Liberation Army General that has quietly acquired over 200 sq miles of Texas land Val Verde Co. next to Laughlin Air Force base.

The former General SUN Guangxin, who controls Xinjiang Guanghui, amassed the land by using a US frontman from Lufkin, TX. Their narrative is that the land is to develop a wind farm (appealing to all of the US alternative energy crowd) but this plan is much more sinister.

The proximity of 700-ft tall wind turbines will allow the Chinese Army to perform clandestine surveillance and collection of extremely sensitive information about our pilots, our base, their flight training, our planes, and even our electrical grid.

It can also enable the Chinese military to conduct surveillance from these massive towers of the US Border with México which could aid drug mules entering into the US illegally which could be a force multiplier for the Chinese fentanyl drug highway into the US.

I believe the wind farm is non-sensical. The Devil’s River watershed doesn’t have the required wind to operate these monster turbines. Look closely at this map which shows slow average wind speeds for the entire area. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE.

CFIUS has already conditionally approved the Blue Hills Energy Project but I suggest they execute an enhanced review of the entire Chinese acquisition and plan. More bombshells on @MariaBartiromo tomorrow morning. @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz @SecPompeo #KeepTexasOutOfChinasHands

When asked who sold this land to the Chinese, Bass responded, “Lufkin, Texas shyster named Franken.”

In his interview with Bartiromo on Fox Business Tuesday morning, Bass said the Devils River area of Val Verde County is one of the most pristine and few remaining wild landscapes in the United States.  Residents in the area told him that a Chinese business man, a former PLA general, has been acquiring massive stakes in Texas land, saying he wants to build wind farms.

“There’s not enough sustainable wind down there for wind farms. That’s number one suspect. It’s not a wind corridor,” Bass said.

He said the man runs a company, called GH America Energy, who also owns 2/3 of the real estate in Xinjiang.  Bass said the Chinese have built a runway on the ranch large enough to handle an Airbus 8380.

“This is just a few miles from the Texas border, and it’s in the flight area of Laughlin Air Force Base where we do all our pilot training. It’s insane that we allow the Chinese to go buy 200 square miles of land in the United States!” he said.

WATCH the bombshell interview below. Advance to the 4-minute mark to hear the segment about the Texas land purchase:

An op-ed written by Daniel Hoffman and published by Fox News on June 23 also raises red flags over the Texas ranch purchase, and notes it all started in 2015, with apparently nothing being done to stop it:

Beginning in 2015, GH America Investment Group purchased over 130,000 acres of property in Val Verde County. GH America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Xinjiang-based Guanghui Industry Investment Group.  Xinjiang is notorious for its so-called “re-education” camps, where China detains Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities against their will and violates their human rights.

I will loudly ring alarm bells about the threats to our national security from GH America and its Chinese Communist Party overlords. Sun Guangxin, the founder and director of Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment Group, served in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and was the vice chairman of the Xinjiang Provincial Youth Federation. Having long maintained a close relationship with China’s Communist Party leadership, Sun is one of the 200 wealthiest businessmen in China.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Tex.) responded to the news, tweeting to Bass on Monday afternoon, “Kyle, CFIUS and DOD are aware and reviewing.”

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      • Well thanks…as a Canadian here legally paying my taxes but being unable to vote, now you want to deny me a house on land? That is not a logical solution. Don’t punish us all, for a few. Better laws and oversight of foreign purchases with quanity and location restrictions make more sense.

  1. How STUPID can America be? We are not allowed to purchase property in China and they shouldn’t own anything in America.

  2. I know where that land sits. I was stationed at Laughlin AFB in the mid 80’s. This should never have happened. That land should be seized by the federal government.

  3. What moron would sell any land in the USA to China, there trying to take over the world and people are selling them our country. Idiot morons!

    • Umm Democrat backed corruption!Omg, this is terrible. Get them out!
      This is absolutely what Biden, Obama want!
      We have no protection!!

  4. Are the democrat supporters really niave enough to think this is ok or coincidence?? We are quietly being invaded by China, thanks to the left. God be with us! ❤️🙏🇱🇷

  5. This is unreal!! You’d think our government would over see sales like this that are so close to our military bases! Once again we allow these foreign entities to come here just to screw us up! As DML said “STUPID!”

  6. How stupid can Americans be? How can they allow this to happen? This will be a disaster at the border & the Air Force base nearby!

  7. China biden gets in office this will be a common thing. Now we know why isn’t something being done besides looking into it. Take it from them…..

  8. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE TO EVERY AMERICAN (excepting many Democrat politicians). There is NO CIRCUMSTANCE under which we should allow a foreign country to purchase a property this large so close to our border with Mexico and right next to where the Air Force trains its pilots. ARE WE CRAZY??!!! STOP THIS SALE.

  9. Our government belongs to China 🇨🇳 they sold us out a few years ago when they borrowed the stimulus money from the Chinese government and everyone who cashed that 300 or 600 dollar check automatically gave up their name address and social security number don’t believe me just wait and see

    • Yep THE ORGINAL Owner, Thought he was selling it too, another AMERICAN! 🙄 China 🇨🇳 already has PLA’s All along the Canadian Coast line, and the Border Between The United States! RED ARMY INVASION.. so maybe Their IS more to THE RUMORS Of 5000 Chinese On The Mexican/ US BORDERS? WHAT SAY YE?

  10. There are countries that you cannot own land if not a citizen. That would elimate this problem. If you want to own a business or home or land simple become a citizen

  11. Its just the beginning. Trump was putting a stop to China cause they have been ripping off America for years. That is why the Demons hate Trump so much cause he threw a wrench in their plans. Even to the point where everything that has happened that hurt America was blammed on Trump and they have been planning this disgraceful stealing of the election for 4 years. China will now control the world and the people who were blinded and voted for dems will now pay for America getting destroyed. Idiots

  12. Is this going to be the site of a new manufacturing facility specifically for biological genocides against us? I cannot stand these SOB chinese. They do not allow anyone to purchase land in their country. Get them the hell out of here. These SOB’S would steal anything they could get their grubby hands on.

  13. CCP has been buying American companies for years they are up to about 60 US companies they now own. My biggest surprise one is MD Anderson Cancer center

  14. Just disgusting, all of our politicians republicans & dummocraps for allowing this to happen. Makes me feel like both parties are so bought & paid for, can we trust any of them? China needs to GTF out of our country. I hate the dirty communist bastards. All of these TX politicians need a good TX ass whipping by all constituents for allowing this BS. What are we paying them out tax dollars for? This BOILS MY BLOOD.


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