WATCH: DML gives chilling warning about China

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During the Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on Friday, DML elaborated on the threat China presents to the United States.

“As I told you, the invasion of Ukraine is masterminded behind a blueprint created by China,” DML warned.

He explained that China wants to take over Taiwan, and when they do, the United States will not have the resources to defend Taiwan, as we had vowed to do, since the U.S. has now been weakened by its support for Ukraine.

DML then listed off examples of what the Chinese is doing in order to completely make their world-wide dominance concrete.

He noted that the Chinese are buying up farmland in the United States, including 370 acres in Grand Forks, North Dakota near a U.S. Air Force base.

In another example, multiple reports this week state that China scientists claimed they have successfully cloned mutant “super cows capable of producing 18 tons of milk a year, which is nearly double the amount of milk a typical American cow produces.

“I don’t believe these farms are about growing crops and super cows,” DML said, as he warned that this is more about China shutting down American farms and controlling the food supply.

“This isn’t a script I’m reading, I’m telling you what’s happening in your own country,” DML said.

Now a new report has revealed that Chinese firms tied to the Communist Party of China are buying up American military academies that operate military officer training programs, including one in New York and another in Florida.

“We need the Chinese to carry out cadet programs in the United States? How did this happen?” DML asked in outrage.

WATCH the entire video below for DML’s comments: 

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  1. God help America! What’s going on with this administration!! When did we start selling AMERICA to the Chinese!!!🤬🤬🤬🙏🙏🙏

  2. This Covid virus was on purpose The biden administration needs to help responsible and impeached ASAP we’re headed in the wrong direction fast I’m scared for my grandchildren.

  3. So Dennis I was just thinking. You have a lot of followers. So we need to start some petitions or something that will stop this insanity. The Obiden family has got to be stopped. We know they are in bed together and I don’t think we can take two more years. OUR country is not for sale so we need to close the store!!!

  4. Dennis please explain to us how this is even legal? Chinese buying our farm land and military academia! That’s literally insane and just hard to believe our country is just sitting back and watching it happen!

  5. There are more of us than them.Jan.6 was a warning that if we all stood together we would end up like the ones in jail now.They are scared we all need to stand together and take this Government out.

  6. We might not even have the resources to defend the US if an emergency occurs. Wasn’t the “F” head liar in thief selling out our oil reserves with his push for EV’s. Are there any left in the US, or did joe sell them all.


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