WATCH: DML goes after Buttigieg, Newsom and more in latest podcast

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast took an unusually hilarious turn on Monday as DML exposed the agenda and tactics of the radical left.

DML started out by ripping into Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. However, his analysis of the story became comical at several points. (To understand why, you need to watch the entire podcast.)

He noted that a gay Maryland mayor facing 56 counts of child porn-related charges has described Buttigieg as his “buddy” and “mentor.”

The New York Post reported last Friday:

Patrick Wojahn, the Maryland mayor busted on charges of possessing child pornography Thursday has had a longtime mentor-mentee relationship with President Biden’s embattled Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. 

Former College Park Mayor Wojahn, 47, has credited Buttigieg’s “mentorship” with helping him advance his career in interviews.

“I actually met Mayor Pete Buttigieg shortly after I was elected mayor in 2015,” Wojahn, who is gay, told the Washington Blade, an LGBT-focused news outlet, back in 2019. 

Wojahn explained how the former South Bend, Ind., mayor, who is also gay, was tasked with being his “buddy” at a gathering of mayors in Washington long before Buttigieg’s 2020 White House run.

As DML discussed the story, he noted that Wojahn was forced to resign, and warned that he may end of appearing in a drag queen show next.

“You’ve got FBI going after parents who complain about books in school that show oral sex, and yet this mayor has been doing whatever he wants,” DML said in disgust.

DML also tore into California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who left to go on vacation while residents of his state are dealing with a blizzard and no power.

He recalled that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was slammed by the media for going off to Cancun on a vacation in 2021 while Texans were facing a brutal winter storm.

However, the liberal media has been silent about Newsom’s vacation.


DML also praised a new law which Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee just signed into law last week, which restricts drag shows on public property, in the presence of children, or near schools in the state.

The bill also bans gender transition treatment for minors.

DML explained the stiff penalties provided in the bill.

“There are no reasons, not a single one, why you would place a kid in the same room with people who are clearly uncertain about who they are… and in my estimation, these are people who are not playing with a full deck!” DML said.


Below is the full list of topics covered on Monday’s Dennis Michael Lynch podcast:

  1. Pete Buttigieg investigated for private flights
  2. Questions arise about Buttigieg’s friendship with pedophile mayor
  3. Gov. Newsom abandons California as it suffers from blizzards
  4. Mexican cartel thugs kidnap Americans
  5. But Mexico wants an American rancher locked away
  6. CNN buried early lab leak reports
  7. Novak Djokovic rejected from entering US due to being unvaccinated
  8. Tennessee puts an end to drag show
  9. AOC dollies up with the drag queens
  10. Chris Rock rocks the liberal world, slams wokeness

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