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DML News App and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video on Wednesday, to weigh in on the horrific mass shooting at the New York City subway on Tuesday.

As DML spoke, a massive manhunt was underway for the suspect, identified as Frank James, 62, a Black man who had posted a number of racist and hate-filled videos on social media, as he raged against white people.

“If I question whether there are justifications for masks in school or whether there should be CRT or pornography taught in school, I’m flagged, marked and labeled as a potential domestic terrorist… but yet we’ve got a guy posting the most hateful content you’ve ever heard in your life, including using the “N” word… he has been able to post and leave that stuff up on YouTube for years,” DML said.

Shortly after DML’s Facebook Live, the NYPD announced they have found James wandering the streets in Manhattan, and he is now in custody and being held on terrorist charges.

DML also addressed the fact that the CDC announced on Wednesday that the mask mandate for public travel has been extended another 15 days – but yet Joe Biden is planning to end the Title 42 program that has held back the flood of illegal aliens attempting to enter the United States.

“How is it you can justify adding another 15 days to the masking of people on flights, and at the same time say you’re going to remove Title 42?” DML demanded of Joe Biden.

WATCH DML’s powerful 10-minute Facebook Live video below:

WATCH DML’s podcast below:

DML Podcast Ep53: The demonic, eery, hateful recordings of the black male suspect in the NYC Subway shooting.

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