WATCH: Early primary state voters say who they support between DeSantis, Trump, and why

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Greenville, SC – Voters in the early presidential primary state of South Carolina are sounding off on why they support Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump.

Fox News Digital spoke with a number of those in attendance at a DeSantis rally on Friday and asked them why they are leaning toward DeSantis, as well as their feelings on Trump, the current front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination.

“I think what DeSantis has done in Florida has been amazing. And I have been a supporter of him from the beginning. I think he is a person that will back the American people and get the country back on track, as Trump did years ago,” a voter named Sarah told Fox.

“But sometimes it’s time for you to have somebody new, and I think DeSantis is the one,” she added.

Another voter, Tammy, is supporting DeSantis because “he’s the man.”

“He represents my values. He’s conservative. He’s commonsense. He doesn’t back down in the face of wokeness going on, especially in the schools. He’s protecting kids against this radical ideology, which I’m all for. Yeah, he just represents everything that I am as a conservative,” she said.


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