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The former police officer on trial for killing Daunte Wright testified Friday she “wouldn’t have stopped the car” the day that led to the fatal shooting in Brooklyn Center, Minn., on April 11. Instead, the officer she was training made the decision to pull Wright over.

“I’m so sorry. … I didn’t want to hurt anybody,” Kimberly Potter said sobbing after returning from a break in the trial Friday at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis.

The article goes on to state the following:

Potter, who worked as a Brooklyn Center police officer for 26 years, broke down as her defense attorney questioned her about the incident, which she said “just went chaotic.” She described what happened when Wright tried to break away from Officer Anthony Luckey, the trainee.

Potter first broke down and wept while being questioned by the defense about the traffic stop in which she accidentally shot Wright.

She broke down into tears once again as the prosecutor, Erin Eldridge, assistant Minnesota Attorney General, grilled her on her actions that day.

Fox News contributor and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell later weighed in on Potter’s testimony.  WATCH BELOW:

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  1. May God be with her through this horror as others continue to rape, murder, drug and human traffic , burn and smash and grab ALL DELIBERATE and without consequence . Yeah sounds fair

  2. Why is her attorney allowing her to testify? That is dangerous. Itbworked for Rittenhouse because his was a clear case of self defense. Here we have a case of negligence segway into homicide. I think it is a mistakento let her testify

  3. I think her testifying might actually help because she showed how sorry she was snd it was legit!
    Sure interesting tho how the media shows this trial and the rittenhouse trial but the maxwell trial goes black! Wonder what they have to hide!!!!
    God bless this woman though she doesn’t deserve this treatment!

  4. She shouldn’t even be on trial. The criminal was resisting arrest and her fellow officer was in jeopardy. So dang sick of these flipping criminals who resist arrest and end up dying are all the sudden the heroes!

  5. Once again the Progressive Soros Prosecutor goes after police officer. Tragic event – yes. Deliberate action – no way


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