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A top equity administrator at the biggest school district in Indiana spent nearly an hour lecturing students about systemic racism and encouraged them to become activists, according to video taken of the lecture obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) has conducted numerous equity and racial justice initiatives, including student lectures and lessons, according to documents reviewed by the DCNF. In one Jan. 15 video, Dr. Patricia Payne, the director of the IPS Racial Equity Office explained to students that their black peers are sometimes considered “less than” and encouraged students to “stop all this madness,” as part of a “Racial Justice Speaker Series.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The speaker series is a requirement of the “Interdisciplinary Social Justice Project” for the entire middle school at IPS’s Butler University Laboratory School 60, according to Tony Kinnett, the IPS district science coordinator & instructional coach and founder of Chalkboard Review, who provided the video to the Daily Caller News Foundation. The series was a part of a project that started in fall 2020 and continued through spring 2021.

“The only criteria for all this racism is the color of our skin,” Payne claimed in the lecture.

She said racism is experienced by black babies in the womb “because of the kind of healthcare their mothers do not get because they are black.”

“That’s why we’re counting on you young people coming up to stop all this madness,” she raged, adding that racism “runs through everything, it runs through all these systems, education, health….”

She claimed that black and brown people were most affected by Covid-19 because of “systemic racism.”

“Health has never been given to us like it should have been,” Payne told the students.

“Oh my, there’s so much racism dealing with just the environment. I’m telling you, this racism is something and it shapes the outcomes, even, of everything, see? So theirs environmental racism, human racism…”

Payne’s rant continues, as she claims that gifted student classes are filled with racism, as there are “very few students of color” in the gifted classes, “but when you go into a special ed class, you see a lot of African American males.”

“We live in a racially constructed society,” she raged.


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  1. God help us with racists like her. A racist can come in any shape, size and color. Reverse discrimination does not stop racism , it only serves to divide to society.

    Sorry, but I think I’ll follow Rev. King who said do not judge someone by the color of one’s skin, but by the quality of their character. I don’t care about your color , the shape of your eyes, or body or the language you speak but I do care about the quality of your heart and soul.

  2. This lady is a jack ass! All her racism stuff she has nothing to back it up. Children who are in the exceptional class or hard-working children who concentrate on their work. And the ones that are in special ed probably their parents have been doing drugs. Maybe not sometimes. God help us!

  3. Sorry for the students who had to listen to all of that. I turned her off after about ten seconds.

    Systemic racism does still exist in America. We call it the Democratic Party and the public school system.

  4. African American students as well as white students are in special Ed classes due to lack of support at home. Unless there is a medical reason, reading to your children, going over their homework with them and making sure they understand what they are learning is what keeps them out of special Ed NOT throwing in front of a tv to play games instead. This woman hasn’t the slightest idea of what she speaks. It’s easier to blame white people then work on the real problems

  5. There’s a certain group of black people that make an entire population look like complete idiots. This is the most destructive work against black and brown rights that we’ve ever had in our country.

    These people have lost their minds. They aren’t safe to be in society. They truly need to be eradicated.

  6. People like this woman – a “doctor”, Ph-D in something got every advantage over white kids to get into college (affirmative action) and thru that level of education including an easier ticket to pass & some made up degree so they can get these titles and then made up new jobs like she has. She sounds so idiotic. An intelligent white person with an actual degree in a valid subject would not be making up fake shit like what babies experience in the womb. If she means they don’t thrive bc their mothers don’t seek prenatal care, have poor nutrition, and or do drugs while pregnant and don’t care, well that you have to spin and lie about bc the whole objective is to make white ppl and “racism” the cause of poor choices made by blacks. Blame white ppl for everything so blacks can continue getting every advantage and white pp can be marginalized and the culture white ppl created be destroyed. Take a good look at South Africa today folks, that’s where we’re headed.
    Ann Coulter wrote an article recently about what was in the “Build Back Better” (BBB) bill and was stunned at the fact that ALL the money for various programs goes to POC, and none of it into the hands of ANY white ppl. We better hope they don’t let this bill pass in the Senate! Or we’re going to have lots more ppl like this woman ruling over us. That is not what should happen to combat alleged “systemic racism”.

  7. My boss is not white. She’s in med school, younger than me, makes more money than me & she’s a single mom. Meanwhile, I had to make a choice… higher education or full-time mom with 2 kids w/special needs. I chose my kids over career. Now that the kids are grown, I’m back in the work force full-time, starting at the very bottom b/c of the choices I made. I just couldn’t juggle both & be successful at both, so I made a choice, which I do NOT regret. But I’m a white mom, with a white special ed kid who says everything this racist woman is spewing is bullshit. I struggled, while going thru a divorce, & sooo many times went without any food AT ALL b/c I wanted to make sure my kids had enough. Couldn’t get much help b/c I’m white. When I teied, so I could get on my feet, the worker assumed I made too much money BEFORE she even looked at the paperwork!! B/c I looked too ‘white.’ During this time my mom was battling cancer & I had no one to turn to. She ultimately died of cancer. I made it through, because failure was NOT an option. Failing meant failing my kids. So, I vehemently reject this idea that life is harder for you just because of the color of your skin. Life is hard. Period. How badly you want to succeed is what determines whether or not you do.

  8. Stunning ignorance from this hateful racist black woman that has had every advantage that our racists government and education institutions hand out while discriminating against white people!

    She couldn’t comprehend how ignorant she is! Disgraceful and disgusting child abuse!

  9. What a ridiculous idea my mom was raised with 7 brothers and sisters in the projects of Cleveland Ohio she told there was poor and poorer not black and white she also raised me not to see skin color my school was racially mixed and I had plenty of black friends and still do, racism starts in the home and I’m glad my mom raised me not to be racist matter of fact my son took in my nieces 3 racially mixed kids because she was in Jail for drugs now they want to adopt them they have 2 of their own kids now there raising 5 and teaching them not to be racist and they live in Louisiana


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