WATCH: ESPN host says ‘Mount Rushmore’ term is offensive and should be retired

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Jalen Rose co-host of Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN said in a video posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday that the sports term “Mount Rushmore” should be retired. This term, Rose insists, is offensive to certain groups of people, especially Native Americans.

In his plea to stop using the name to signify greatness in sports, Rose said “can we retire using ‘Mount Rushmore?’ That should be offensive to all of us especially Native Americans, Indigenous people who were the first people here before Christopher Columbus.” In sports and basketball circles, the term “Mount Rushmore” is used to signify the top-four greatest individuals in a certain field, the Blaze reported. Rose insisted that this term should not be used because of Mount Rushmore’s history. “That land was stolen…when it was discovered that it contained gold,” Rose said.

The article goes on to state the following:

The former NBA player also referenced the name changes of the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians and claimed these were as offensive as “Mount Rushmore” is to him. The 49-year-old said “why do you think Washington changed their name from Redskins? I do a show and didn’t say that word for eight years because it’s offensive.” “What about the Cleveland Indians? Same thing. Why did they change the name? Because it’s offensive,” Rose added.


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  1. The world is full of Cry Baby Pee Pee Pants of which you (Rose) are one. Worry about the BIG problems. Don’t be a Pot Stirrer!!!

  2. He is offensive. He should go hide in a hole for the rest if his life So he does not offend us and we can’t offend him. Where would he like his hole? Is there a place not taken by someone else he could reside in? Then they are all for letting ppl come here and “take” from us.

  3. Who is worse someone that claimed the land and or fought for it or someone reaping the benefits from it knowingly? Shut up and leave if you think this land was stolen!!

    • Also great point of why you shouldn’t cave in to the stupidity of the left. They will now use this in history of the reason they changed the name.

  4. Trying to decide Native Americans and other cultures! Don’t let this studity phase you! That has to do with Native American History! We are honoring crazy horse with a huge statue! We all love Native American history and many of us have some of their blood running through our veins! I don’t like what many of our ancestors did to them! So stop trying to decide us over rediculous woke crap!

  5. African and Amerindian are the two races that have never contributed a thing to culture.If it wasn’t for Europeans they both would still be living in the Stone Age

  6. So sick of everything being offensive to certain cultures. The different cultures is what makes our country unique. ESPN get over yourself. You are not important!

  7. Another woke POS trying to dictate what happens in USA!!
    He jealous of every President there on mt Rushmore cuz the native Americans have their monument crazy horse; but there’s NO Obumer up there!!!

  8. Anything for attention. The “Fab Five” should be deemed offensive, because they never won a Big Ten or NCAA Championship. There’s nothing fabulous about five fabulous losers. There’s been other “Fab Five” athletes to play basketball, not to mention native American basketball players. So, his opinions DO NOT MATTER. He’s just feeling sorry for himself that he can’t be a part of the “Mount Rushmore” of athletes. I pity the fool, Jalen Rose.

  9. Why Jalen ? Because no- one on Rushmore is WHAT ? Rushmore stays …..don’t like it ? Leave or shut up.Your allowed your opinion, nothing more .

  10. How could Europeans steal land that was unclaimed. Long before Europeans fought the Natives for land,,the Natives fought each other for land.As far as Washington Redskins most Native Americans were honored Washington used that name for their team. Who are you to say what Native Americans feel …you are just an ESPN biased flunkie causing division.

  11. Everything offends someone you moron. African American offends me since this is America not Africa America. Unless your from American lineage and born in Africa for some extenuating circumstances you are American not African American. I’m Italian I don’t call myself Italian American. Wake up. It’s almost always black people dying everything is offensive to them. They should try living in Africa a while where they will be really offended. Yes blacks have had major hurdles but nothing like they would experience in the 3rd world continent of Africa. Italians, Irish, Jewish, Chinese, etc. have experienced discrimination and hatred as well get over it you a–hole you have a good job jerk.

  12. I thought ESPN focus on sports. That is his stupid opinion. If he doesn’t like it, then don’t visit the Mount Rushmore. 🙄

  13. It wasn’t stolen, it was up for grabs!! What about before the indigenous people? Who’s was it before them?? Exactly!!!

  14. Idiot and it’s your culture that’s ruined sports in America. I stopped watching because of you clowns and your childish behavior, classless ignorant fools

  15. Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Lakota Sioux possessed the land before white settlers came, attracted by gold finds. The Sioux took the land from the Cheyenne, Crow, Kiowa, and Pawnee in the 18th Century. They, in turn, had taken the land from the Arikara. No claims should be accepted without context.

  16. Hey Jalen don’t you have something more important to do like clean out your “sock drawer” you need to stfu stay out of the Indian business ‼️
    & straighten out your own Black Race like the City of Chicago where your”brothers are doing all the killing”‼️‼️‼️👎👎


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