WATCH: European official spews out creepy warning to Elon Musk

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European politician Věra Jourová warned Elon Musk from the World Economic Forum in Davos that Twitter will face “sanctions” if it does not shut down some forms of speech.

Jourová, the European Commission’s Vice President for Values and Transparency, told Euronews Next that Twitter may face penalties for enabling free speech in violation of European Union regulations. “The time of the Wild West is over,” she said.

“We will have the Digital Services Act [DSA]. We will have the Code of Practice as a part of this legislation,” Jourová said. “So, after Mr. Musk took over Twitter with his ‘freedom of speech absolutism’ – we are the protectors of freedom of speech as well. But at the same time, we cannot accept, for instance, illegal content online and so on. So, our message was clear: we have rules which have to be complied with, otherwise there will be sanctions.”

The report explains that “new European legislation could fine tech companies for allowing freedom of speech to go unchecked.”

It has been noted that the Twitter user who shared the video below incorrectly identified Jourová as a United Nations official, when she is actually an European Union official.


Jourová also raised eyebrows when she declared during a panel discussion last Tuesday at the World Economic Forum that the United States will soon have laws against hate speech.

“What qualifies as hate speech, as illegal hate speech, which you will have soon also in the U.S. I think that we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law, we need the platforms to simply work with the language and to identify such cases,” she declared.

Entrepreneur Mario Nawfal, Founder & CEO of IBCgroup, mockingly tweeted Sunday night, “The World Economic Forum has ended – Here is what you need to know…” and then added nothing more.

Musk replied with a sleeping emoji, tweeting, “It can summarized with one emoji: 😴.”

DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch commented on the video.

“The Crazy Left never fails to amaze me in their attempt to take over our lives. I hope @elonmusk tells them all to shove their warnings where the sun doesn’t shine,” DML wrote.

“They hate @elonmusk because they can’t control him,” tweeted Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini.

Documentary film producer Errol Webber suggested, “Hey @ElonMusk, please feel free to just lock out the EU from accessing the Twitter app for a couple days. Watch the meltdown. They want to sanction you? Two can play at that game.”

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