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Ethan Crumbley’s father spoiled him rotten — but was a deadbeat dad to an older son he had with another woman, the ex says in a new interview.

James Crumbley, who fathered her 18-year-old son, is “a piece of s**t,” said Michelle Cobb, adding she hopes he “gets the maximum” for his alleged role in the slaughter.

The article goes on to state the following:

And Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the 15-year-old accused of shooting up his Oxford, Michigan, high school Tuesday, a “monster,” Cobb said.

Cobb Detroit’s WXYZ-TV that James Crumbley was earning six figures, but she had to fight for $67 a week child support for their son, Eli.

“My son is 18 years old now,” Cobb told the outlet. “And you know, I cried the moment he turned 18, because I thought all of this hell is over as far as dealing with my son’s father.”

Cobb added that when Crumbley moved to Michigan with Jennifer, he left behind his son and a daughter he had with another woman in Florida.

“Jennifer was a monster,” she continued. “She could do no wrong and she was right about everything.”

Cobb said the couple spoiled Ethan, telling the outlet that they pretty much gave him whatever he wanted.”

“I hope they get the maximum, honestly,” Cobb concluded.


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      • Then this country was created by fools They all had guns. And without them you would be attacked by evil people or animals That’s why we have the two . It’s those who make bad decisions that cause this

  1. You’re right $67 a week certainly not worth crying over Tim. But…
    As a woman who raised four fabulous people as a single parent it is a tear worthy occasion when you know the years of empty promises, no shows or drunk drivebys, bounced checks or no checks, revolving girlfriends who interfer, holier than thou speeches, repeated abandonments and disappointments for your children are finally behind you and that going forward they are no longer obligated to “do their part to get along” with a person who only shows up when there is something self serving in it for them. Unless you have been involved with a deadbeat narssisictic woman who left you with children to go live a life more “fun and exciting” that she was “entitled” to you really have no bases for comment.

    • But you too made the decision to have those children And after 4 One would think you would have caught on with the first one.You are to blame as well as he is . My dad was a drunk I grew up in hell. My mom worked hard and was the driving force I heard her constantly cursing him plus ! When my own eyes could see and hear. It took me until I was an adult with children of my own To understand her and why she did some bad well. I miss my dad. But his soul was worth more than what he did. I grew up listening to my dad as well as my mom take God’s name in vain more than I care to remember . I thank God they both found Jesus before they died . We make our own happiness and sorrows
      What I do know is As bad as that was I had wished she had never done that to me and my siblings. Because of their behaviors I really got close to God . So you can be a good force or one just as bad. They are his seed not yours. Be kind
      Both of you are to blame You had a part in that as well as he did.
      Choices good and bad have repercussions I hope you didn’t poison your children against their dad. That should be up to them to make that decision They lived it and were in the middle of adult problems
      That’s why God should choose your mate
      I had mine until he died Jan6,2021. For 57 years ! God Chose my husband
      Laying up and having babies without a father is just as bad.
      Children need their dads. That’s why it’s very important who you choose. Sometimes it is out of your hands But 99% of the time it’s not

  2. If these two were part of this Yes arrest them But bad parenting is what half Americans do .
    👋That person is an ex for a reason And it’s very rare a father gets custody. Before they are through with this You people will be out for blood
    Before it is through dumbed down people be ready to kill these people. Apparently you people either forgot Kyle or just too stupid to know The same people who are liars and spew hate 24/7 are the ones Condemning and convict threw the media’s And your help Not the court. You can’t believe what you hear and even less what you see


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