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On Tuesday’s “PBS NewsHour,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said he believes that new mask recommendations by the CDC will serve as an incentive for people to get vaccinated.

Host Judy Woodruff asked, “Dr. Fauci, other pushback we’re hearing from conservatives, they’re saying this new mandate is going to undermine confidence on the part of people who haven’t been vaccinated yet. It’s going to take away the incentive to get vaccinated.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Fauci answered, “I would think, Judy, just the opposite. We would not be in this situation if we already had now the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated. We would not be having the viral dynamics that give you a red and an orange zone. If we had the overwhelming proportion of the people vaccinated, we would not be having this conversation.”

Fauci also cheered Biden’s statement on Tuesday that a vaccine mandate is being considered for all federal employees.

“I think we need mandates. I do,” Fauci declared. “I don’t think we need a federal mandate from the president to mandate the entire country, but the things you have control over… the federal workforce… is both prudent and advisable,” he added.


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  1. Dr Fauci and people like him are crazy. Why would anyone want to get a vaccine and still have to wear a mask? Sounds to me like vaccinated folks have a higher risk of passing the virus than one of us who believe in here immunity All they are wanting to do is control us because 2022 is and election year. .

  2. Why is it impossible for us to get hydroxychloroquine why have they made it to where you literally can’t get it that’s a question everybody needs to ask themselves

  3. They are about to start a war with this “mandate”… I will not be forced to get a vaccine that I don’t feel is necessary. And if it’s mostly conservative federal employees they’re targeting, well then that’s very interesting because many will quit before getting the jab. Which leaves democrats in more overall control…scary times.

  4. Fauci ouchie is such a liar!! The shots don’t work but yet “if everyone got the shot, we wouldn’t be in this situation”. Yes we would! People that have had the DNA-changing shot STILL get Covid. What a fluke! The government is seeing how far they can push the American people. Stand up!!

  5. These people are delusional! You tell people they need the vax. They get it then you tell them they can still get COVID, transmit it to others, and they need to wear a mask. That will not motivate more people to get vaxxed!!!!

    Every time they open their mouth they further discredit the death serum. We cannot trust Fraudci and his clan and we cannot trust the vax. It is not good for us.

  6. I’m SICK of daily news reporting more ILLEGAL willful orders, mandated violations upon OUR FEDERAL CONSTITUTION by ALL LEVELS OF LAWBREAKING LEADERSHIP in this country??? HELLO ?? OUR FEDERAL RULE OF LAW the Constitution says BIDEN Government cannot Order or Mandate ANYTHING upon citizens regardless of emergencies or crisis ? Too many CITIZENS are idiots allowing any federal or local politicians to DICTATE ENDLESS CONTROLS upon our lives, with devastating effects on ourselves & children!!

  7. This is like Chinese Water Torture having to hear the nonsense this guy spews on an almost daily basis.

    The Delta variant is actually the Indian variant because it 1st emerged and spread in India. Yet if you look at the COVID death data for India normalized to population versus the US, the UK or any other western country, India’s death total per 100k people is far far below these other countries. i.e The Indian variant spreads like the flu and may have a high viral load but the mutation is far less lethal than the original COVID strain that emerged out of China.

  8. Fauci can stick his damn mandate where the sun doesn’t shine. The fake news hasn’t put anything about all these really bad side effects from the jab. People need total transparency when it comes to making a decision on what they want in their bodies. 😡


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