WATCH: Fed-up Iranians burn hijabs, torch police stations, dozens killed in brutal crackdown

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Protests in Iran over the killing of a young Kurdish woman for not wearing her headscarf properly continued to spread on Thursday, despite an increasingly brutal crackdown from the theocratic regime.

The demonstrators are reportedly fighting back with determination rarely seen in Iran since the 1979 Islamist revolution, with reports of police stations and vehicles burned, police officers injured and killed, and even members of the regime’s thuggish Basij militia dying in scuffles with demonstrators.

22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested by the “morality police” last week, upon arriving in Tehran from Iran’s Kurdistan region, for allegedly violating hijab laws recently made even stricter by hardline President Ebrahim Raisi. Eyewitnesses said Amini was severely beaten while being taken to detention, where she lapsed into a coma and died last Friday.

Iranian authorities have now reportedly shut down Instagram in the country, and are cracking down on the protesters.

In an effort to squelch the uprising, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced on Thursday, “We have requested the judiciary to identify those who spread false news and rumors on social media as well as on the street and who endanger the psychological safety of society and to deal with them decisively.”

Fox News reported:

Protests have spread to 100 Iranian cities and 30 provinces, leaving dozens dead and resulting in widespread arrests. Protesters have set fire to police and government buildings, while a government enforcer was killed in a stabbing by protesters during attempts to impose order.

The increasingly violent protests broke out over the death of Amini, who was arrested by Iranian morality police for not wearing a head covering in public. The demonstrations have become especially violent in Iran’s Kurdish minority region in the northeast, where police fired on protesters, killing five. Amini was a Kurd.

Videos circulating on social media show Iranian women boldly throwing their head coverings into the fire.

One video shows protesters attacking police cars:

CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour reported that her interview with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was cancelled in New York when she refused to cover her head. Amanpour shared the following details in a series of Twitter posts:

Protests are sweeping Iran & women are burning their hijabs after the death last week of Mahsa Amini, following her arrest by the “morality police”. Human rights groups say at least 8 have been killed. Last night, I planned to ask President Raisi about all this and much more. 1/7

This was going to be President Raisi’s first ever interview on US soil, during his visit to NY for UNGA. After weeks of planning and eight hours of setting up translation equipment, lights and cameras, we were ready. But no sign of President Raisi. 2/7

40 minutes after the interview had been due to start, an aide came over. The president, he said, was suggesting I wear a headscarf, because it’s the holy months of Muharram and Safar. 3/7

I politely declined. We are in New York, where there is no law or tradition regarding headscarves. I pointed out that no previous Iranian president has required this when I have interviewed them outside Iran. 4/7

The aide made it clear that the interview would not happen if I did not wear a headscarf. He said it was “a matter of respect,” and referred to “the situation in Iran” – alluding to the protests sweeping the country. 5/7

Again, I said that I couldn’t agree to this unprecedented and unexpected condition. 6/7

And so we walked away. The interview didn’t happen. As protests continue in Iran and people are being killed, it would have been an important moment to speak with President Raisi. 7/7

One video posted earlier this week shows a massive protest that blocked traffic:

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  1. Yeah for the smart women who refuse to wear that trash that dehumanizes them!!!
    Women in America aught to be extremely thankful for their rights here.
    God bless those who are fighting this hajib nonsense.

  2. They’re so willing to throw their hijab into the fire but not their masks! Masks are like hijab, another form of control and compliance. Smh

  3. Did it sound a bid too familiar when they were talking about shutting down media for misinformation? We are living under a dictator in the USA but so few recognize it. Ptay for our country our leaders and vote RED.


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