WATCH: Field of screams: Insane brawl breaks out at Mets minor league game

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This looked like a scene out of the “MLB Slugfest” video game series.

During a Binghamton Rumble Ponies (the Mets’ Double A affiliate) game against the Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox), a wild brawl broke out after Portland’s Tyreque Reed was plunked with a pitch from Binghamton’s Marcel Renteria.

The article goes on to state the following:

After the pitch came in and hit Reed on the wrist, he began to walk to first base, but Renteria walked off the mound and the two appeared to exchange words. Then, Reed turned to the mound and charged it – throwing a hefty punch that knocked the pitcher to the ground.

That brought players from both sides running in to join the melee, and it got WILD.

WATCH what happened:

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  1. The pitch didn’t appear malicious, so it must’ve been something the pitcher said. In that situation, the only thing the pitcher should have been saying was ‘sorry.’

  2. No one knows what was said. Pitch was not malicious as it was close to the strike zone. What I see is a black thug attacking a white pitcher! Baseball no different from the real world!


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