WATCH: Flooding Wipes Out Bridge, Sparks Evacuations In Northern Arizona

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PHOENIX (AP) — Shannon Castellano and Travis Methvin should have spent this weekend seeing world-famous waterfalls on the Havasupai Tribe Reservation in northern Arizona.

Instead, the two friends from San Diego spent Friday night along with 40 other hikers camped out on a helipad. But sleep was elusive because tribal members warned that an emergency services helicopter could potentially land anytime during the night.

On Friday, flooding washed away a bridge leading to the campground, causing an unknown number of campers to be evacuated to Supai Village. Some campers were rescued via helicopter.

Visitors with the proper permits will be allowed to meet with tribal guides who will help them navigate to the village and campground.

In a statement, the tribe said they have “all hands on deck” to build a temporary bridge to the campground.

On Saturday, Castellano and Methvin left by helicopter, despite losing money on their three-day, pre-paid stay.

Methvin noted that they felt especially sad for travelers who made their reservations in 2020.

“They waited three years to get there. At least we have the ability to go do something else versus having that whole weekend ruined. It sucks, but it’s making lemonade for us,” Methvin said.

This week, several areas of northern Arizona have been slammed by the storms. Snow and snowmelt has caused flooding, wreaking havoc on access roads, highways, and city streets.



On Friday, the Havasupai Tribe wrote, “Flood Alert: Flood waters hit Havasupai today. The bridge to the campground was washed away. Current campers have mostly been evacuated to Supai Village and some have been flown out by Airwest. Those tourist remaining in Supai Village for the night will be flown out by Airwest in the morning. Hikers coming from Hilltop today were not able to reach the Village due to the high waters. These hikers are camping on high ground tonight on the trail. More flooding is expected tonight between 2:00-3:00 a.m. We continue to monitor the water levels and will provide an update when more information become available. Please check back in the morning for updates on the campground and level of flood waters. We will update everyone as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience for all those scheduled to hike in over the next few days. Please be patient as we cannot control the weather. We want everyone to be safe. Thank you!!”

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