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Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd made it crystal clear death awaits school shooters in his jurisdiction.

After the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas and the abysmal performance by police on the scene, there has been a lot of debate about what we can do to better protect kids. Well, the sheriff down in Florida made it very clear that the only thing waiting for school shooters is a bullet to the head.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is the last thing you’ll see before we put a bullet through your head if you’re trying to hurt our children. We’re going to shoot you graveyard dead if you come onto a campus with a gun threatening our children or shooting at us,” the Sheriff of Polk County told the press as he held up a photo of armed officers in a video released by his office late Friday afternoon.

The Sheriff first declared, “If you come to a school in this county armed, we’re going to do our best, through either our guardians, our school resource officers, or our school resource deputy sheriff to eliminate the threat outside of the school before they ever get to the children. We’re trained to do that.”

“Now, if you have trouble understanding that….” he added, switching his language to a fiery warning, and vowing to “shoot you graveyard dead.”


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  1. I wish we all had a sheriff like Grady Judd!! He knows how to stop this crazy shit before it even starts!!! God bless and protect Sheriff Judd and all his great brave deputies!!! 🙏👮‍♂️💙🥳

  2. I love this man! This isn’t the first time he’s gone on tv and told criminals that they would die if they tried their crap in his county!

  3. I’d bet Governor DeSantis has Sheriff Judd’s back. I just hope this DOUBLE DARE doesn’t bite him on the backside.

  4. THIS is the correct approach. Anyone on school property with a weapon, it’s time to shoot to kill.
    I’m sick of people pulling this nonsense and we’ve got to stop it – not try and disarm the law abiding citizens.

  5. It’s time law enforcement becomes judge, jury & prosecutor.
    Our dismal so called court system has just plain quit doing their jobs.
    If that Border Patrol agent hadn’t killed that bastard, he would be out in the streets again in no time because some woke lawyer would claim he had been a mistreated teenager.


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