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In an interview with Fox News Tuesday evening, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan ripped into the Biden administration over the massive flood of illegal aliens coming across the border.

Homan said U.S. Border Patrol agents have lost all respect for Biden and his DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, because they fail to acknowledge this is a crisis of their own making.

Of the border agents, Homan warned they’re working overtime and getting sick, then taking the sicknesses home to their own families.

Homan also blasted the Biden’s administration’s new policies that prevent ICE agents from arresting most criminal aliens.


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  1. They kept biden in the basement. Any ad said ” moderate”. The fucked up media went along with it. FB n Twitter n Google in real time HID ANY BAD OR ANY ARTICLES THAT SHOWED BIDEN IN A BAD LIGHT.. Joe Biden is a puppet of the left.. And im still trying to find someone that voted for him n is happy with him… Biggest mistake voters ever made…..PUTTING BIDEN IN OFFICE…

  2. I would sue this Administration for everything they have – get a decent attorney and SUE SUE SUE !!!!!! Obiden is the biggest POS with Pelosi & Harris right behind

  3. So the parents who think they have a right to come here and retrieve their kid after they abused them by trafficking them to the drug cartel! In this country if you did that to your kid you would be locked up for a long long time! This is goverment approved child abuse!

  4. Biden is not President. He is illegitimate Stolen elections should be met with prison terms or firing squads for all involved
    This man never had more than 10 people at his campaign rallies And 8 of those were the lying msm

  5. It is much more worse than you all can imagine. BIDEN was installed to dessimate the US from within. Watch what is happening with the border surge. Biden moving covid positive immigrants via airplane and bus to red states and some blue states. Biden’s DHS is doing this. The states that are getting these individuals are having a huge increase in overall covid positivity. This serves the state governor’s purpose to go again under lock down. While it is nice to get the stimulus payments, biden and his financial geniuses will overload the nation with so much debt that the currency will devalue. Next he wants to raise taxes to create economic chaos, businesses moving overseas, layoffs for US citizens and rehires for the cheaper once illegal aliens as low value replacements. Once the country is under enough chaos economically and the military is transformed into a giant ball of transgender confusion, China will swoop in and decapitate the government of Taiwan, then invade with secuity that the US can’t respond. China has also sent Japan an ultimatum that they desire Okinawa next. The US will not be able to support any overseas military deployment financially. North Korea will cajole China to support their efforts to unify Korea under Kim. Iran will expand in the middle east. They will swallow Iraq and move to occupy Syria. Guess which country will be in extreme danger.

  6. What Biden and his administration caused is a castrophe of epic proposition ! They lie,cheat and steal for there gain. There agenda has NO good outcome for the American people ! Not my President .

  7. I disagree. My nephew is a U.S. Border Patrol agent, and he tells me they haven’t lost respect for the Biden Administration, for the simple reason that they never had it in the first place.


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