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The now-former spokesman for District of Columbia Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser told Fox News on Wednesday that President Biden’s tenure in office has led him to change party affiliation and also to vote for GOP businessman Glenn Youngkin in the off-year gubernatorial election in Virginia, where he resides.

Victor Jimenez told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that his political shift was not a small decision, adding that he was until recently the “lead public information officer at [Bowser’s] office for community affairs” and previously held a similar role for Latino outreach.

The article goes on to state the following:

Jimenez, who is an Afro-Dominican immigrant, according to a tweet from the DC Office of Latino Affairs, previously told Spanish-language network Telemundo that “Biden turned me into a Republican” and that the president has “destroyed the economy.”

Jimenez said another reason he left the Democrat Party is because of the immigration crisis that the Biden administration has created, and warned that while there are good people coming across the border, there are also “bad people” coming across the border.

“My being Hispanic and also Black, I should be Democrat by  default,” Jimenez said, adding, “but I’m going against their narrative… everything is crumbling for the Democrats.”

Jimenez predicted the GOP will win back the majority in a landslide in 2022.


DC Mayor Bowser featured Jimenez in a Twitter post on February 24, 2020, paying tribute to Black History Month.

Now he has bailed out and flipped his support for Republicans.

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  1. Thank God people with common sense are waking up. This young man is remarkable and I’m sure there’s more black Hispanic Americans feel the same way. God bless America

  2. Don’t trust this bastard. The GOP is full of RINO’s now. I seen one of those come over to the other side voted for trillion dollar debt. Van ? Something he was a rat. Dont trust them.🐀

    • Exactly ! What do you want to bet he is Illegal. They are running them into our offices with the illegals votes California is a place where they ran into many illegals to out number the citizens Then took offices and take care of their illegals.
      Youngkin didn’t take long to show his true colors. Always a cartel member Which by the way is pure democrat control and run .
      This idiot didn’t change anything . I guess telling us he voted for a democrat in disguise makes a difference. Youngkin is a democrat in disguise
      I guess like all democrats he thinks we are all fools.
      Youngkin was always a democrat. And was And is involved with dubious people.
      Wake up America If you want to stay free Get rid of every democrat and rino throughout America
      But for goodness sakes Look at their background before you stand up for them

  3. They’re all jumping ship because they know the house of cards is crumbling. The problem is that I don’t trust any of them. They’ll change to Republicans, win votes and continue their own ridiculous policies that made them change their party affiliation in the first place. Leftists have learned how to lie and they’ll continue doing it, no matter how many times they change colors.


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