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NYPD officers were heckled for arresting five organized anti-vax mandate protesters and detaining a nine year-old girl Wednesday after they barged into the Natural History Museum without showing proof of COVID vaccination.

The arrests, which come amid soaring crime in the Big Apple, took place on Wednesday. Trouble began when a half-dozen purported members of the New York Freedom Rally – a group that has been staging anti-vax protests throughout the city – attempted to enter the Manhattan museum without showing their vaccine passports in violation of rules. Those require every visitor five years and older to show proof of vaccination.

The article goes on to state the following:

The nine year-old, named Jayla, was filmed sobbing as she was marched down the steps by two cops, with onlookers filmed heckling and abusing the NYPD officers over her apprehension. She and her unnamed mom were taken to a nearby precinct, and released two hours later. It is unclear if the youngster’s mom will be charged.

The report explains that the group of five adults and the 9-year-old girl had made reservations to visit the museum on Wednesday, but were refused entry when they did not show COVID vaccine passports.

The situation reportedly escalated into a heated argument with museum officials and security, and the police were called.

Independent journalist Scooter Caster shared videos of the incident as well, and said the child was NOT arrested, but was taken by police as the rest of the group was arrested.

Later, former American Idol contestant Jimmy Levy shared a video on Instagram of the 9-year-old girl, Jayla, and her mother leaving the police station after they were released.

“We are so proud of you Jayla! Stay strong for all of us! She is doing ok, I just spoke to her incredible mom Maria! Everyone else is ok too! God is watching everything going on in this Aching World, there will be consequences for those who committed the crimes against humanity, as well as those who stayed silent during them!” Levy wrote.

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  1. Can’t arrest thugs that steal, rob, murder ,sell drugs. No that’s against the DA’s rules, but you arrest someone for.not getting. A jab that does nothing

  2. Why because they chose to be in charge of their own health???? Explain this to me… jabbed people get it and spread it just the same. So why the passport????? Rip up your passports people, you are facilitating this narrative as much as the loons in charge!!!

  3. Libtard New Yorkers are locong the tyranny. Dont feel bad for them; most of them are gluttons for leftist punishment. Better they stay there than come to your state and turn it into their new shit hole.

  4. Hey scooter was she put in a cop car ,then she was arrested. If it took 2 hours to release her she was arrested . Just because they acted nice doesn’t mean she wasn’t arrested. Look at hunter biden he’ll the cops ,fbi,secret service and Cia all kiss his ass but yet with everything he has done he is never arrested ,why is that if they can put a 9 year old in a cop car for a dumb ass waste of time non working mandate . You do know a mandate is not a law right. Only shows the people who backed the police all the last year are the ones who now get treated ike crap by them . Next time they are on their own.

  5. Mommy, Daddy, what did you do today? “I chose to ignore the rapists, murders, thieves, violent criminals but by golly me and my fellow LAW ENFORCEMENT PARTNERS got that dangerous, diabolical domestic terrorist 9 year old girl and put her in jail where she belongs. Now all of the New Yorkers can feel safe and walk among society knowing that they have been served and protected.

  6. This is bad but it goes beyond people being arrested for not presenting a card. The police have had to endure a huge lack of support from their local government, DA’s, judges and citizens. Blame the local government as they are the ones pitting the police against their citizens. The DA’s, judges have been releasing not prosecuting criminals yet they are choosing to have the police enforce mandates. Some of these leaders have been using their positions to push their own beliefs and using their influences over police, DA’s, judges far too long. The leaders are having the police use existing trespassing laws to enforce a mandate. Yet during the riots and attacks on police, citizens and property, many rioters were not arrested. The rioter’s that were arrested, were released with a slap on the wrist. Remember the videos of police having buckets of water thrown at them, not to be mentioned the water bottles, rocks etc and numerous assaults. It’s crazy, that NY leaders are worried more of mask and vaccine cards than actual criminals. SOUND FAMILIAR? Pitting police, military against the people. This is what HITLER did. People were pitted against each other. Friends families were destroyed by having a person manipulate them to go against each other. I do not agree with police being suckered into enforcing these mandates using existing laws. That’s terrible however these officers have their families to support, pensions to protect. If these officers do not take care of themselves and their families who will? Instead of allowing the government leaders to pit the people against the police, how about going and voting these leaders out of office. Law enforcement officers are needed but if the leaders are not leading right, time to get new ones. Hold these leaders, DA’s, judges accountable. They are the ones allowing lawlessness in their cities. The leaders are responsible for this mess. As for the 9 year old being escorted out of the museum, the parent knowingly chose to expose their child to a situation that was not going to end favorable. I am not agreeable to involving a child. Too much can happen, never know who may show up to counter what is meant to be a peaceful protest.

    • “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”(MLK Jr.)
      Police need to heed this and disobey the bad leaders that sent them to arrest these people. If they are supposed to serve and protect, just how is arresting a 9 year old serving and/or protecting her? If their leaders had told them to shoot her, would they? After all, they are only doing what they’re told to do by their leaders.


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