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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said during a Wednesday episode of “The Five” that MSNBC executives are too cowardly to fire host Joy Reid over their fear that she will cry racism.

The hosts played Tuesday footage of Reid alleging that Elon Musk wants a return to the “old South Africa in the ’80s” due to his vow to ensure free speech and reduce censorship across Twitter’s platform. Gutfeld said Musk’s buyout of the social media company shows that the “First Amendment won,” and then reacted to Reid’s remarks on the Tesla CEO.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Joy Reid has built a fool-proof career insurance plan. MSNBC is so terrified that they can’t fire her because she’s just going to call them racist, too,” Gutfeld said. “She calls everybody racist and that’s her game and that’s her scam. And the MSNBC management are cowards for letting her do this, but that’s what they chose to do.”


Gutfeld doubled down in a Twitter post, writing, “The ghouls saying Musk is pro-hate speech, always fling the hate first. lesson: they can call you an evil racist; but fight back? thats labeled hate speech. How joy Reid remains employed is a tribute to her boss’s cowardice.”

On Monday, Reid raged against the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, and suggested liberals might want to move to other platforms, claiming Musk will turn Twitter into a “hellhole.”

She wrote:

Let’s just be clear: activists can do everything they do on this platform and more, on @communityxapp. Counter.Social is the same as here in terms of ability to post information, except they don’t allow trolling and disinformation. None of these platforms are sacred.

Musk wouldn’t take over this platform tomorrow — the process could take months. And if in that time, folks decide they can have the same or a better experience on TikTok or IG or anywhere else, they’ll leave. No one is required to commune with MAGAs, nazis and Q-anon freaks.

“If y’all are so excited about this site turning back into a hellhole, well good on you. But you don’t have a right to the presence of the very people you yearn to harass. They are free to leave you to blather, stupidly, among yourselves,” Reid raged.

Reid’s rant continued:

This platform is super useful as a news aggregator; a good place to follow journalists, creators, thinkers and interesting people not in “the biz.” But POSTING on here is often viewed by too many on the right as an invitation to harassment. That’s the world Elon created at Tesla.

If he really thinks he can create that same toxic, high school bully, 80s South Africa world here and somehow monetize that, he should maybe stick to sending compensatory technology to “near space” for his fellow men with more money and time on their hands than interesting ideas.

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  1. GregGutfeld
    the ghouls saying Musk is pro-hate speech, always fling the hate first. lesson: they can call you an evil racist; but fight back? thats labeled hate speech. How joy reid remains employed is a tribute to her boss’s cowardice.

    This is so true! What is good for them is not alright for republicans to say. It is then labeled hate speech. It don’t understand being labeled white racists as a group when know nothing about me and my beliefs. I believe transgenders, gays, whatever you want to call yourself people can conduct their business as they please but don’t shove it in my face every day.

    • Amen. I don’t care what people want to call themselves. They can be a turnip for all I care. Just don’t try to impose your ideology on me or innocent children.

    • All of this from the ultimate racist…“Joy” (name unbefitting the woman). Label works both ways! If that were not the case she would be preaching tolerance. Not holding my breath.

  2. Anyone with a brain and common sense doesn’t listen to that person spewing hate..and we choose to turn the channel…I have never watched that so called show…I also believe..what goes around..comes around…

  3. Boy, Musk became a racist in record time just like Trump. That woman is a special kind of stupid regardless of gender, color, preference, etc. She fans the flames of racism with what she spews. She doesn’t want racial harmony because then she’d actually have to do her job instead of spreading her venom.
    If anyone has a right to be called an African American, it is him. He’s the very definition of it. Maybe Reid should look at that before opening her mouth.

  4. Here’s an idea , MOVE to Africa ms racist and see what happens to your vile self the village would roast your uneducated ungrateful racist ass on a spit and feed MANY . We know, you’re ALL talk thats all you are .

  5. They can’t stand the fact that others will be able to weigh in with different opinions and that’s true democracy and freedom


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