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A worker at a candle factory in Kentucky struck by a tornado posted a harrowing video on Facebook while trapped inside the building.

In the 10-minute-video, filmed in almost complete darkness, Kyanna Lou pleads for help and says that she and other colleagues were “stuck” behind a wall after the tornado hit the Mayfield Consumer Products factory and caused the roof to collapse.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m really scared, I’m trying to be cool, but I’m really scared,” Lou says in the video.

The first video she posted after the tornado demolished their building and left the workers trapped in the rubble is only 90 seconds long.

People can be heard crying in fear and anguish in the background, calling out names of their co-workers, and telling each other to not move, as they are afraid the rubble will shift and fall on them more.

Lou explains that they are trapped at the candle factory in Mayfield.

“Please send us some help, we are trapped, the wall is stuck on me,” Lou cries. “The whole building fell,” she adds.

In the next video, which is about 10 minutes, Lou encourages her co-workers to say calm, assuring them everything is going to be ok, but admits later that she isn’t sure if they will get out alive.

“We’re going to be out tomorrow. It’s 10:00, and my birthday is in a couple hours. Ya’ll going to sing happy birthday to me!” Lou encourages her co-workers.  A few people are heard starting to sing happy birthday to her, trying to force themselves to think positively amid the darkness, as they are trapped under the concrete and rubble.

Lou is worried, saying a water fountain fell on her and she can’t feel her legs.

Many times she tries to reassure her friend Andrea, who is crying out in the darkness nearby.


Over two hours later, Lou posts a third video, as she walks through the darkness, and announces she has been rescued:

Andrea Miranda, one of the workers at the candle factory, shared her experience in an interview with MSNBC Monday morning. She explains she was the person near Kyanna Lou:

According to reports, there were 110 people working in the candle factory at the time the tornado hit.  Eight have been confirmed dead, and eight are still missing but 94 are reportedly alive and accounted for, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday morning.

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