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During a school board meeting for the Metropolitan Nashville Public School district on Tuesday night, a number of people spoke up in opposition to the mask mandate in the schools, including a high school student with a powerful message.

A 2-minute video of the student’s comments was shared on social media by Twitter user Sadie Luck. The video has been viewed over 31,000 times.

The student said he wanted to comment on mask mandates for the upcoming school year, and noted that he learned about the main steps in the scientific method when he was in fourth grade.

He then ripped into the school board for skipping the step of analyzing the data to see if their hypothesis was correct before drawing conclusions.

“Where is the data you are basing your conclusions on about the success of and the need for masks in schools?” he demanded. “Where are the charts showing infection rates of in-person Metro students over time?”

The student listed off a number of quotes from news and experts, and called out the school board for requiring students to wear masks.

He then warned,Β “In less than a year I will turn 18, and I will be able to vote. Me and my friends will remember how you have handled these decisions. Before this, we didn’t realize how political our school board was and how few adults were standing up for us and listening to us. Now we do, and we will vote accordingly.”

“Please note how brave this is, a student going into his senior year standing up to the school board that could directly affect his future and everything he worked for. This takes a high level of frustration with the system and bravery on his part,” Luck added in a subsequent tweet.

Following the meeting, during which a large number of people spoke, the school agreed to “soften” the mask mandates. Newschannel5 Nashville reported:

With summer school starting this week, the Metro Nashville Board of Education said as long as students and staff are either outside or socially distanced inside, they don’t have to wear masks. These new rules start on Monday.

Students and staff will still have to wear them when they can’t social distance, such as as when going into a building, on buses, or if they’re in large groups. Also, anyone with underlying medical conditions, are still encouraged to wear one until fully vaccinated.

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  1. Indeed! I’m a 63 year old cab driver in Washington State and I haven’t worn a mask throughout this whole pandemic bs unless I had no choice and had to enter a business that required it! All other places I either didn’t wear one or wouldn’t spend my money there and I haven’t even had a case of sniffles! In fact, I haven’t been sick from a virus in over 30 years so I think I’ll depend on my immune system, thank you!!!

  2. So the school board β€œsoftens” their stand on mask? They look and act like fools because they are fools. They lead from the rear only concerned about their image. It took a 17 year old to bring perspective.

  3. Until their fully vaccinated? That’s not a vaccine, everyone knows it’s more like a kill shot. Yet sheeple will believe it’s going to save them. BS! I hope this smart young man never takes it. They need to fire the school board. Every time I hear of another family member or friend getting the jab it breaks my heart. So many are brainwashed into taking it.

  4. Good for u young man. Bet they dont let u graduate as top dawg at this school… Prove them wrong n bust their ballz every chance u get… But respectfully.

  5. Parents you need to start going to these board meetings and vote out these liberals who are brainwashing your kids. This is very smart young man!


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