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Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit during an appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show on Tuesday.

Clinton concluded a half-hour interview with Maddow by coughing uncontrollably and waving goodbye to the camera. Clinton began coughing while discussing the Texas heartbeat law which was passed this year, banning abortion in the state after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Texas law, to me, seems fatally flawed with its method of enforcement,” Clinton said, after clearing her throat several times. “The Mississippi law may be a more direct threat,” Clinton added before having a coughing fit.

Maddow appeared to jump in and bring the segment to a conclusion as Clinton coughed away from her microphone.

“I didn’t mean to jump in there in a way that surprised you,” Maddow said with a giggle. “It’s a real pleasure to have you.”


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    • If ONLY!! She & her evil cohorts will live to be 101+ years old & continue to annoy the world until they drop in their tracks. Only the good die young, as they say. Just sayin’.

  1. That is not Hillary Clinton! Look at the picture with the title of this clip and then look at her talking. Not her! Cheeks, hair….🧐

    • I think she needs to call in her stand-in who showed up the day she collapsed at the 9/11 observation. She was supposedly so sick with pneumonia that morning, by afternoon she was all but dancing…?


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