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The most wanted man in New York has now been captured, and now a new name is in the headlines – a man named Zack who saw the suspect and called police.

A massive manhunt has been underway since a man opened fire on passengers aboard a subway in Brooklyn early Tuesday morning.

The suspected, identified as Frank James, a 62-year-old Black man, was finally spotted at a McDonalds in Manhattan around noon on Wednesday.

James had disguised himself as a construction worker, wearing an orange vest and a yellow hardhat. After releasing smoke bombs on the train, he then opened fire, shooting 10 people. Another 19 were injured in the aftermath, but miraculously, no one was killed.

The NYPD had released photos and wanted bulletins with photos of James.

Zack Dahnan, 21, then spotted James at a McDonalds at East 6th Street and First Avenue in the East Village and called police. By the time the officers arrived, James had left the restaurant, but they caught up with him a few blocks away and arrested him without incident.

Zack, who reportedly works as a security camera installer, is now being recognized as a hero. He said he was working to install the security system when he noticed James on the security camera and called police.

WATCH the first interview below:

In another video posted to social media, an excited Zack is seen surrounded by hordes of reporters as he explains how he found James.

Zack said now he can breathe again, since James has been caught.

“Thank God, we got him!” Zack said.


BREAKING: NYC subway shooting suspect captured, new video footage surfaces, NYPD gives update

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  1. Well that’s odd. I heard the news report yesterday that the man called police himself and turned himself in, telling police where he was located.


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