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Fox News host Jesse Watters told viewers Wednesday that we have to defund John Kerry and his climate office, saying if he’s wrong about the Biden-Kerry business affair, then someone should prove it.

JESSE WATTERS: In Washington, when the band gets back together, you can bet trouble’s on its way. Why? Well, it means mediocre people are in way over their head, jetting across the world in their private jets and making your life miserable. And by the way, they’re getting paid and you’re paying for it. What are we talking about? Joe Biden getting elected president and him making his buddy John Kerry climate czar. Who’s been keeping track on what John Kerry’s been up to? “Jesse Watters Primetime,” of course. Where do we begin? Kerry may have blown his chance to be president back in 2004, but it’s not stopping him from running around and playing president today doing what Democrats do best: taking taxpayer money and using it to make your life more uncomfortable.

The article goes on to state the following:

You may not like high gas prices or rolling brown-outs, but it’s all for climate. The climate czar says so. And if you’re not okay with what Kerry has to say, you have blood on your hands… So you may be wondering, when did John Kerry become a climatologist? 


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  1. LOT OF POSITIONS in Washington needs to be eliminated, same for State and county positions. These positions are just burning the Tax Payers Dollars! The EPA, IRS needs to be cut in half! Litigation needs to be Stopped by the EPA, everything that they think a worm is being killed to build something. It’s all waste of tge Tax Payers Dollars. And the Environmental dept needs to be Stopped from dragging their feet stopping production of something.

  2. John Kerry is a globe trotting democratic charlatan. He’s a waste of taxpayers money. This asshat should be decommissioned.

  3. Anyone that has paid the slightest bit of attention is aware of the collusion between the power brokers in the Democratic Party . What needs to be exposed are the so called republicans that are corrupted and their connections. A waters special lasting for the whole hour of his show or more is needed to diagram all of the know connections and display them so even the moron democratic voters can see it . All displayed from the federal level down to the state and local governments and institutions including the churches and schools. You have to know who your enemies really are before you can vote them out .


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