WATCH: Jim Jordan says ‘sometimes, democracy’s messy’ in defense of speaker chaos

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was not disillusioned by the tumultuous speaker of the House vote, insisting that it’s “exactly how the founders intended it.”

“Sometimes, democracy is messy,” he told Shannon Bream on Sunday. “I would argue that’s exactly how the founders intended it.”

“They wanted real debate and real input from all people, and then you get a decision,” he explained. “Whether it’s one vote or 15 votes. Kevin McCarthy is still speaker of the House. I have seen all kinds of games go into extra innings and overtime. That’s just how it works.”

“You think about, in a two-year time span, we have seen a border that is no longer a border. We have seen a military that can’t meet its recruitment goals. We have seen terrible energy policy, terrible education policy, record spending, record inflation, record debt, and maybe, most importantly, a government weaponized against the very people it’s supposed to serve,” Jordan said.

“We’re going to unite around fixing those problems which have all happened in two years,” he added. “That’s what we’re going to focus on. We’ll pass the rules package tomorrow, and we’ll get moving doing what the American people elected us to do.”


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