WATCH: Judge Jeanine Pirro SOUNDS OFF on Trump indictment: ‘This is nonsense!’

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Fox News co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of former President Donald Trump on “The Five.”

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: You know, I am so livid right now. I am furious. I have spent over three decades in a system that I believe in. I’m a believer, but today I am no longer a believer. What you’ve got is a weaponized Department of Justice, department of FBI and CIA. We saw it from the time he came down that that escalator. They started with the Russian collusion hoax, and we know that Hillary Clinton made it up, she even told a president, the Durham report, she told Biden, and she told Obama she was going to do it to get rid of her email scandal. So what did they do? The FBI lied. They went to a FISA court judge. They lied three more times. They needed to get this guy, and then they violated the Fourth Amendment rights of one American and spied on a presidential candidate, and we now know it was all a hoax started by Hillary Clinton, but that wasn’t enough.

Then what we had is the FBI telling social media, “you can expect that there’s going to be Russian disinformation in the form of a Hunter Biden laptop,” and that’s when they interfered with the presidential election for the second time and 51 CIA intelligence agents, so we’ve got the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA say, “oh, this is Russian disinformation,” when we know damn well it wasn’t Russian disinformation. And now what you’ve got is a loser prosecutor Jack Smith, who’s been slapped down by the United States Supreme Court in one of his prosecutions, that if I were a lawyer, I would give up my law license, I’d be so embarrassed hiding under a rock. He’s the one who prosecuted John Edwards. He’s got a political agenda and this is all over Presidential Records Act, which is a civil, civil suit, a civil issue. And so what they do is they put out this narrative indictment, “oh, this is a story of wrongdoing, national defense, and let’s put an espionage, we can kind of tie it into the Russian collusion. So people will say, “oh, it could have been the Russians.” This is nonsense.

The full segment is in the video below:

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