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Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene held a press conference on Tuesday outside the Department of Justice over the treatment of those detained for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The event came to an abrupt end when shouting left-wing counter-protesters swarmed the lawmakers.

The presser was held as Capitol police officers were offering testimony before Pelosi’s Jan. 6 congressional committee.

The Republicans demanded a status report on individuals arrested following the riot, who they referred to as “political prisoners,” comparing the crackdown to the lack of law enforcement on the year-long Black Live Matter riots.

However, the lawmakers were repeatedly interrupted and eventually ended the event after left-wing protestors stormed the podium carrying signs, shouting, and blowing whistles.

Signs among the counter-protestors read, “Jan 6th was an inside job, vets for democrats” and “Traitors + Rapists: Sit Down,” likely referring to Gaetz and his recent scandal of sex-trafficking. which remains unfounded as of this report.

“To the guy that’s blowing the whistle: we are not deterred,” Taylor Greene said. “And so for anyone that’s here, being an activist and yelling today, here’s the statement that I need everyone to understand: we will not back down, we will not stop asking questions, we are looking for the truth. And we believe the truth can be found by reaching out and answering and asking the right questions to the right people.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert said he was there “to make sure that we have due process, that people that are brought to trial have an opportunity to have a fair trial, to get due process and see the evidence against them, and to actually see any exonerating evidence.”

As the lawmakers were swarmed, an unidentified man announced “The left is interrupting the press conference, we need to end it,” as the Republicans were swept away to safety.


WATCH the press conference in FULL below
[Presser begins at 19:37]

Rep. Gaetz also appeared on Newsmax to deliver remarks about the press conference.

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  1. The number 2 must show up. !
    Don’t Call these people protestors We know they are our enemies How? Because people of value are holding down jobs trying to be Americans These are worthless paid for hire individuals That sell their own people out
    Call them what they are
    Enemies within

  2. They should be arrested for harassment and public abuse. Until these disgusting and communistic tactics are ended, we will Lois our free speech forever.

  3. ALL of these 7/27 domestic terrorists, threatening duly elected, sitting members of Congress need to be thrown in jail, in solitary confinement, and the doj will get to them sometime AFTER 1/27/2022.

    You know it’ll take the doj at least six months to even begin to gather any evidence.

    Then, of course, these domestic terrorists, from this 7/27/2021 insurrection, will have a permanent record, will not be able to own a gun, and should be on the no fly list.

  4. Funny, if it were right wing individuals against democrats, the b police would have been all over them

  5. The Democrats are so filled with hate, I don’t think they have any idea how they are being perceived. Elected leaders hold a press conference regarding how Incarcerated Americans are being treated and they feel a need to disrupt it? Do they think this is how you win hearts and minds? They are mentally ill.

  6. The only thing that we need is a group of conservative muscle heads for situations like this. Enough is enough. Civility will to work with these people.


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