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A left-wing protest in Washington, D.C., is blocking traffic in the nation’s capital to demonstrate against an administration and lawmakers they believe have failed them by not delivering on various promises.

The initiative, dubbed “Shutdown DC,” is a joint effort from several activist organizations that are each conducting blockades at different spots near the Capitol building.

The article goes on to state the following:

The groups involved include SPACES In Action, Extinction Rebellion DC, Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund, Code Pink. Demonstrators are advocating causes including climate change, immigration reform, voting rights, D.C. statehood, health care and racial justice.

“On Dec. 7, as Congress returns to the Capitol for the last week of the 2021 legislative calendar, we’re going to take bold direct action to demand that Congress and the administration take action to pass the programs that they promised us and we voted for,” Shutdown DC posted to their website. “We’re taking to the streets to shut down the backroom meetings and political theater that have failed to deliver the progress that our communities need.”

“40 people now facing arrest, blocking the street in front of the Capitol,” Center for Popular Democracy Action posted to Twitter.

The crowd of protestors were also reportedly blocking WWII veterans from attending the monument in D.C. to honor the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“This morning WWII veterans aren’t able to get to their own monument in D.C. to honor the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor because the malformed screeching children of #shutdownDC are intentionally blocking traffic and throwing a tantrum for no reason,” conservative podcaster Lyndey Fifield tweeted.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke about the planned protest on Monday night, questioning why lawmakers aren’t outraged over a real “insurrection.”

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  1. Well, I live three hours from DC and they won’t last long. It’s very cold where I am and DC is even colder than here.

    • Oh that’s no problem for the village idiots
      Like they did in Seattle Washington Where it really was cold. They just took more Meth and cocaine They never knew being half naked that it was even cold

  2. They knew it was Dec. 7. A deliberate foil to interfere with veterans visiting DC monument to honor the lives taken at Pearl Harbor.

  3. Where are the arrests Oh It’s their people.
    Well we had a chance to rid ourselves of these evil people And once again we let it go

  4. And when are THEY going to truly realize we all were screwed, R/D/I. They were just being used, as always, for their vote, the administration doesn’t give 2 shits about anyone but themselves and their agendas. So the mob becomes a nuisance now, at home base. Not gonna work.

  5. So the nimrods are back out on the streets of DC Climate Change advocates.. if only a blizzard would hit.. how come they only come out in good weather? Cannot seriously fix stupidity ‼️


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