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The Lincoln Project’s neo-Nazi cosplay stunt in the final days of the Virginia governor’s race was “recklessly stupid” and “showed appalling judgment by the day-to-day management and leadership of the Lincoln Project,” according to Steve Schmidt, a founding member of the Lincoln Project’s leadership team.

“I thought the action was recklessly stupid, it was dishonest and cheap,” Schmidt said during a virtual conversation with Democratic strategist Bob Shrum. “It was exactly the wrong way to approach the fight against a real fascist movement.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The Lincoln Project colluded with Democratic activists to send a squad of interns dressed in white shirts and khakis to hold unlit tiki torches in the rain outside an Oct. 29 Glenn Youngkin campaign event. Journalists and members of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign staff amplified the disinformation campaign by promoting it on social media. A backlash ensued, prompting the McAuliffe campaign to condemn the stunt and the Lincoln Project to claim responsibility.

WATCH his comments in the short video below:

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  1. He’s only saying that because it helped Youngkin win. It was funny for him to suggest the Lincoln Project fights fascism when they are the fascists

  2. Now what made them look stupid is thinking I would believe it and change my vote. Most people already had their mind made up and would be wondering why a black man be standing there with the others.

  3. I saw the picture and knew it was a stunt and then after I looked at the picture again I noticed that there was a black man standing there and I started laughing! Neo-Nazis would in no way, shape or form have a black man in their ranks since they believe that minorities are inferior!


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