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A Facebook post from the owner of a Texas trucking company went viral last week after he warned that skyrocketing diesel prices could have longterm consequences for the US supply-chain.

Austin Smith, owner of Iron River Express, said it has cost him over $20,000 a week to keep his three trucks running.

The article goes on to state the following:

Diesel prices have surged over 76% in the past year. Last month, Insider reported that the diesel market is facing its worst crisis since the 1970s. Prices are at a record $5.75, according to data from AAA.  For truckers like Resek, that means they’re spending as much as $1,700 refueling their trucks each day.

Smith’s Facebook post on June 2 has over 48,000 comments and 290,000 shares, as of this report.

In his Facebook post, Smith wrote:

I need to get something off my chest… I generally refrain from talking politics, and especially making political posts, however I need to say this. What I’m going to post is real, not somebody that a friend’s, cousin’s, sister’s, neighbor has happening to them…

I own a small trucking company, and this is what the fuel crisis is doing to our country… so this directly affects me, you, our children, our country.

Today I filled up my truck to deliver products that help keep our country fed. When I filled up my truck, it cost me $1,149.50. This is ONE truck, for ONE day of fuel. I own three. So for one day of operation, it’s costing me $3,448.50. (Yes, we use a full tank of fuel every single day, sometimes more than 1 tank per day).

My trucks generally run 5-6 days a week, so we’ll just estimate on the low side and say 5. That’s $17,242.50. Last week was over $20k for ONE week, that I have to pay out of my pocket to try and keep not only my children fed, but those of my employees, and our country.

Mark my words, we are on a downhill slide to the worst recession our country has ever seen. If you don’t believe me, I implore you to do your research.

Trucking companies are going under left and right. (Literally hundreds weekly) If you’re not aware, what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, what you’re living in, what you’re driving, what you’re reading this on, was delivered by a truck.

If something drastic doesn’t change in the next few weeks/months, I promise you, you’ll see empty shelves everywhere you look. You’ll see chaos as people fight for the basic necessities of everyday life. Food, medicine, etc…

If something doesn’t change, I pray that all of you have the ability, knowledge, and skills to fend for yourselves. Not only against those who would do you or your family harm, but to be able to find sustainable food and water. This is a scary time. Not only for small business owners, but every single American.

So please, please do your research when we vote for those we place in power. This isn’t just on the federal level, but on the state levels as well. We have got to start making informed decision based on fact. Not because the media says we should like/dislike somebody.

Truck drivers are out here going for broke, holding onto something we know this country needs. So if you know a truck driver, please tell them to hold on as long as they can. Our country won’t survive without them…

(This photo was taken today, 6/2/22, in Idaho Falls). [Smith shared a photo of a sign from a as station, with the price at $6.05 per gallon.]

🚨🚨 EDIT ON 6/4 🚨🚨I’d first like to thank everyone for the support and words of encouragement. It means more than you’ll ever know!

To help answer some of the questions that people have messaged me, or commented on this post. I made a video on my TikTok account, which I’ll post to my page. Feel free to watch it! I’ll try and answer as many questions as I can, so also feel free to follow me. I’m going to try and keep posting throughout this journey until something changes! 🤞🏻

Below is Smith’s TikTok videos. WATCH:


@benevolent_patriot Made a Facebook post the other day that blew up and went viral. Here are some of the questions you guys asked. Part 1 #viral #greenscreen #fyp #truckerlife #truckdriver #dailygrind #american #foryoupage #letsgetbackontrack ♬ original sound – Austin Smith


@benevolent_patriot Here’s part two of the first video I made in reference to my viral Facebook post for a better day. #viral #fyp #truckerlife #truckdriver #dailygrind #american #foryoupage #letsgetbackontrack ♬ original sound – Austin Smith

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    • Exactly what I’ve been saying!!! They are sitting there licking their chops waiting for midterms and will do NOTHING once they gain back control ..I have yet to hear one republican come out with a plan!!

      • Personally I think they already know the midterms will be a repeat of the last fraudulent route – they had no turnovers, a rare judicial win , tons of evidence that has gone nowhere and media has helped convince tens, if not hundreds of millions of Americans all conservative people are insurrectionists , and a host of accusatory epithets to go with it.
        Michigan is literally a one party state after democrats infiltrated Republican Party candidates campaigns and “ collected nominations “ of which thousands they simply copied from directory lists and forged signatures and fabricated non existent “ residents”. By submitting their filled pages to their candidates offices , they assumed they had more than exceeded the numbers required to be on the ballot and submitted them to the state-
        Who ran all of them against voter records and rejected thousands due to not matching signatures and /or no matching registered voter.They do not get another chance – they are simply not going to be on the ballot to defeat Gov.Whitmer . Appeals to the courts to grant an extension to collect valid resident signatures were denied. The Attorney General Dana Nessel , should be opening an investigation and there should be a Grand Jury convened on behalf of the millions of Michigan voters who have clearly been cheated in advance to vote the party of their choice – but being a progressive democrat it’s in her best interest, and Governor Whitmer’s to pretend that it is each candidates fault – though they have no access to check signatures until they officially submit them to te state. This is probably not the first time this tactic was tried and succeeded. But the first that it erased more than one, they are very bold now in their control. The FBI just arrested another Republican candidate for Governor , Ryan Kelly on “ charges related to the January 6th “ insurrection”. Just now. Such interesting timing. It’s too late to recover Michigan . What other states will have their candidates arrested in the coming weeks?
        I’m afraid that we have been had every which way to Sunday .

        • I just realized, that this incredibly bold removal of multiple candidates in Michigan is because the democrats know Whitmer would almost certainly lose to a solid candidate. They can’t permit the loss of Michigan .

    • How about to UN-DO the damage senile grandpa Joe has caused, put drilling and exploration leases back in place, approve the Keystone pipeline, and push for another refinery to be built.
      Joe’s (handler’s, Obama’s) plan from day one has to be against anything to do with fossil fuels – to push us away from them and make them unaffordable – to save the planet from climate change while China puts a new coal fired plant online every two weeks for the next dozen years!
      You and those like you are morons.

      • All you arm chair quarterbacks trashing the republicans need to step back and take a breath. I’m not happy either with dumbass Biden! Problem is the Demorats have control of everything. The house, the senate and the White House! I am an owner operator as well and thank Hod someone is finally bringing up the fuel crisis. Gas prices aren’t shit compared to diesel prices. Here in Ca we’re paying right at $7.00 a gallon. It’s costing me $1700.00 a week for fuel and I drive local. $ 400.00 for an oil change! This is killing the trucking industry, but these damn liberals don’t give a damn! Until we get control again we are in dire straights my friends

  1. In the words of Tom MacDonald’s song “The System”

    Welcome to the world, everybody, I’ma paint you black and white
    I’ma make you hate each other so that everyone will fight
    I’ma give you all religion, let the righteous find the light
    But I will also give you science to oppose the Word of Christ
    And I’ma give you borders, they’re imaginary lines
    If you cross them, go to war and win when everybody dies
    And I’ma give you money that you’ll value more than life
    And let the one percent have everything while you fight to survive
    And then I’ll give you politics, I’ll call it left and right
    And while you divide yourselves, I will conquer both the sides
    Can’t you see? I’m the system, my whole purpose is divide
    What you choose will never matter because everything is mine

    • Yes, and isn’t Joe the unifier he said he would be? Uh…. he and his whole admin are dividing us. He even sicc’ed his FBI and Justice Dept on parents who were upset that their kids were being taught that sexual perversion is OK. Investigate those parents!
      The tactic of the Left is to do something and then accuse your opposition of doing that same thing.
      Russian collusion anyone?

    • always like Tom MacDonald. Liking him more and more every day. and he is from Canada and understands this country better than allot of these stupid snowflakes we have in our country!!!!the dems and the majority and the majority of the republicans don’t give a shit about this country. All they care about are the Benjamins. We need term limits and get these crooked bought and paid for politicians out. They have the best retirements. Healthcare and we the American taxpayers pay for it. What a racket. Do we have retirement and healthcare like that? Hell no. They all come out multiple-millionaires, owned two or homes. We need to clean house and change this system or we will loose everything that our grandparents worked hard and died for.

  2. The Republicans should have a veto proof majority so they can un-do Joe Biden’s damage to drilling and exploration, approve the Keystone and whatever else is needed. We have no reason to import ANY energy, let alone buying it from our enemies and terrorist nations.
    Joe Biden is a total FAILURE and anyone who supports him is not intelligent.

    • Wait til this November when the GOP sweeps a ton of elections – the Democrats will immediately jump up and start claiming ‘voter fraud! Intimidation! Suppression!’ and demand the election be thrown out or held up for months while they insist on every single ballot being investigated, rather than give up their ill-gotten majority.
      Any bets?

      • Oh, and this – the Dems are totally blind when you show them video of people stuffing ballot pickup boxes for them, or numbers of votes vs voters that cannot possibly be legit in precincts they overwhelmingly ‘win’. So what if thousands of votes in one place have just one candidate marked – sleepy Joe Biden. No votes anywhere else on the ballot. The Dems cover their eyes and ears and say ‘You have no proof of fraud!’

      • When they can’t get DEF for the diesel fuel ALL trucks will be stopped. The Urea supply has dried up from China. Diesel fuel will be $50 a gallon by the end of the year. Isn’t Socialism great?

    • Even if the RINO republicans get a veto proof majority, they will do nothing but sit on it. They do it every time. They won’t reverse anything without the democrats approval regardless of any veto proof majority. They talk a big talk but they walk a very timid walk!
      Meanwhile the democrats are like a bull in a China shop.
      We shall see what happens next.

  3. Thank you for your service and information to the public.
    We are aware and know you information is correct and we are experiencing it now.
    The solution to the problem?
    No one seems to step up or has any authority to change these developments.
    God we need an answer how to prevent further destruction of America and those that are citizens and pay their taxes and believe in “ God We Trust”.

  4. When does this become treason against the United States???? when is this recognize this tyranny, and who should we count on to do something about it??? I know our forefathers would not have waited so long.

  5. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING the DEMONcrats do is to destroy America.
    The Right see it.
    The Left stay ignorant.


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