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In a fiery, passionate speech from the Senate floor on Tuesday, Sen. Marco Rubio explained just how the Cuban government operates, and said people blaming the United States for Cuba’s problems simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

Rubio, whose parents are Cuban immigrants, referred to a report on Tuesday that said Joe Biden “will form a working group to examine remittances to Cuba in the wake of protests on the island to determine how those residing in the United States can send money to the country.”

Rubio noted that the people at the White House in charge of Cuba policy “have long been advocates for dialogue with the Cuban regime and an economic opening for the regime.”

He recognized that most people in the Senate don’t follow the issues about Cuba on a regular basis, and proceeded to explain in clear detail why it is the communist regime in Cuba, and NOT any restrictions placed upon them by the U.S. that has caused the suffering of the Cuban people.

Rubio explained that Cuba trades with virtually every country on the planet, saying there is no blockade on trade. “There is only one blockade in Cuba, and it is the one the regime has imposed on its own people,” he said.

Referring to the U.S. wanting to make it easy for people to send money to their relatives in Cuba, Rubio said that’s already allowed.  There’s no law against that – except that they can’t go through the bank that’s operated by the Cuban government – and explained why.

Rubio said Cuba will take a percentage of the money, then pocket the rest, and give the people in Cuba the worthless Cuban money instead. They don’t even get the U.S. dollars.

Cuba wants to control people, Rubio explained.

WATCH the powerful and informative video below, as Rubio lays out the answers on issue after issue.

“A “working group” to explore how people can send money to relatives in #Cuba is a lazy & meaningless response to a historic demand for liberty,” Rubio tweeted.

“Sending money to Cuba isn’t banned, what is banned is sending it through the military controlled bank,” he added.

“President Biden listen to the people inside of #Cuba not the pro-regime people in your administration. The Cubans who were marching in the streets were not asking for remittances, they were asking for freedom,” Rubio tweeted earlier on Tuesday.

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  1. First thing is it would be usless for biden to listen to the people because in 10 minutes he wouldn’t remember it

  2. The Dems hate to move against the Communist regime in Cuba because they have been learning so much from it about tactics of repression.


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