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On Tuesday the Supreme Court rejected an appeal to block a federal mask mandate for air travel.

The Transportation Security Administration has continued to extend its mask mandate for all airline travel, and Joe Biden signed an executive order last year demanding that the TSA require travelers to wear face masks when inside airports, rail stations, or while aboard airplanes or trains.

The number of violent incidents on airplanes as a result of the mask mandates has dramatically increased, and videos and photos are frequently posted to social media showing some of the bizarre reactions from people on both sides of the issue.

Below are just some of the social media posts we found that are worth a look today.

In the following video, originally posted to TikTok, a man is seen sitting on a plane and putting on multiple masks while waiting for the flight to take off.

In watching the video, it appears he is wearing at least 7 masks over his face.  WATCH and COUNT:

On the other side of the mask mandate, one man who didn’t want to wear a mask allegedly “kept a french fry in his mouth for the entire 1.5 hr flight so he wouldn’t have to wear a mask.”

This guy got kicked off a plane for taking his mask down between sips. The @Delta employee’s response: “It doesn’t have to make sense.” 🤡

Then there’s the person sitting at an airport with a high-powered mask and a clear bubble over her entire head….

Another man was spotted standing in an airport with a conglomeration of multiple masks covering his face:

BREAKING: Supreme Court responds to bid to block mask mandate on airplanes

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    • Oh it’s even worse then these videos. I caught a video segment of a Twitter post by a female MD. She was recommending everyone wear a mask inside your own home when alone. Even when eating.😂😂😂

  1. I haven’t worn a mask in over a year out in public! It’s just amazing that I’m still alive!😂
    The best are people riding in their cars alone with the mask on!

    • And the ones wearing the mask alone in their car while trying to eat fries while wearing the gloves they just pumped gas with! 🤡😂

  2. OMG…This is just hilarious…wtf is wrong with these people? If I see these people, I don’t think I will be able to hide my laughter…in fact..I know I will not be able to hide my laughter….

  3. Over 2 years No Mask and No Rona and no Vaccines or boosters, so it just goes to show you the hypocrisy of this whole BS plandemic. I am amazed at how many sheep they have made out of the Loonie people? I don’t social distance and I have been in close contact with people who have the rona and Take my DML CBD everyday. No Rona When they turn on the switch you will see it’s an apocalypse of the Vaxxed and not the unvaxxed.


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