WATCH: Massive shark lunges at boat, gobbles up bait as surprised tourists look on

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Incredible footage released Wednesday showed a great white shark baring its teeth as it lunged at bait hanging off a tour boat in Mossel Bay, South Africa, just six feet away from an underwater videographer filming with a GoPro camera.

“I feel a sense of excitement every time I see a great white shark,” English videographer and dive crew member Mark Graham told British press agency Media Drum World. “The sharks come right up to the boat, often investigating people in the cage in a curious manner figuring out what they are.

Graham captured his footage from an underwater cage, along with footage taken from on board the boat, while out on a shark tour and dive with guests eager to get up close and personal to some of the world’s most feared predators. However, the videographer is passionate about these underwater creatures and works hard to change people’s misguided perceptions when it comes to sharks.

“This particular shark was maybe six-to-nine-feet from the boat,” Graham said.

“I think humans have an instinctive fear of what they can’t see and don’t understand,” he continued. “I think the mainstream media has a big part to play in perpetuating and exaggerating negative stories about shark encounters. I don’t think the reputation is justified.”


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