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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), the congresswoman who once told her supporters to harass members of the Trump administration if they saw them out in public, has made new comments encouraging Black Lives Matter protesters to stay in the streets and “get more confrontational.”

Waters went to Minnesota Saturday night to join Black Lives Matter demonstrators outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department building, as they protested the death of Daunte Wright, who was shot while resisting arrest during a traffic stop last Sunday.

Surrounded by a mob of chanting BLM protesters, with drums beating in the background, Waters was interviewed by Unicorn Riot.

“I would like to see the bill in Congress passed on police reform, but I know that the right wing, the racists, are opposed to it… but I know this, we’ve got to stay in the street, and demand justice,” Waters said, wearing a face mask and a plastic shield over her eyes.

Regarding the trial of Derek Chauvin over the death of George Floyd, Waters said, “We’re looking for a guilty verdict, and we’re looking to see if all the talk that took place after they saw what happened to George Floyd… if nothing happens, then we’ve got to not only stay in the streets, but we’ve got to FIGHT for justice. But I hope that we’re going to get a verdict that says ‘guilty, guilty, guilty.’ If we don’t we cannot go away.”

“Not manslaughter, this is guilty, for murder!” she added.

“What should protesters do?” Waters was asked. She responded, “We’ve got to stay on the streets. We’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know we mean business!”

Waters was asked what she thinks about the curfew the city had set.

“I don’t think anything about curfew! I don’t know what curfew means. Curfew means ‘I want you to stop talking. I want you all to stop meeting.’ I don’t agree with that!”

“Are you going to stay out here?”

“I’m not going to stay out here. I came here from Washington just to be here, to make SURE that I let my voice be heard among all those who have been putting so much time on the street. And so I’m hopeful that the protests will continue,” Waters said.

“You’ve got to TAKE the power!” Waters is heard saying in the 5-second video clip below:

“What do you say to Republicans and conservatives?” Waters was asked.

She responded, “Well, you know, the Republicans and conservatives have shown us that they are willing to invade the Capitol of the United States and kill all of us, so I’m not depending on them for anything!”

One Twitter user predicted, “Maxine Waters has created a mistrial in #Chauvintrial Jury influence & intimidation . Jury is home, not sequestered. Grounds for #mistrial or very strong appeal. The judge blew it, Mad Maxine blew it.”

Twitter user “Blue Lives Matter” tweeted, “Maxine Waters, a sitting member of congress, inciting a riot.”

“Maxine Waters traveled across state lines to incite a riot,” commented Jack Posobiec.

“Jury tampering is a federal crime,”Posobiec added.

Another Twitter user wrote, “I’m a liberal but that Maxine waters is fucking insane. Get rid of the far left crazies. Dump the far right ones too.”

“Immediate jail. There is no question she is inciting riots and mayhem,” demanded Dr. Jason Alexander Roberge.

“Remember when Democrats stripped @MTGreenee of her committees because they said that comments she made many years ago might incite violence. What will they do to Maxine Waters whose comments encourage the burning down of buildings?” asked documentary film producer Errol Webber.

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  1. People like this is exactly what is wrong with America. Your not going to change the people of America no matter what you do. It’s a wasted effort. So grow up and move on!

    • Absolutely!!! This goes beyond freedom of speech.
      She is very wrong in her very racist agenda and she should not be in Congress!
      This will wind up being a civil war.
      They are pushing hard for it.

      • I truly believe that they want a civil war. All I can say is that if that is what they are truly trying to push for, then it will not end well for them. Maxine Waters should be removed from congress. However that will never happen. Not only is she screwing with the jury for the Chauvin trial but she’s also trying to taint the trial for the other officer.

    • Yes. And she’s done it twice now. She needs to be brought before the ethics committee and removed from any committee she is on. Then she needs to be voted out in 2022!! Marjorie Taylor Greene was removed from her committee for saying/doing something way less than that (for speaking the truth, actually) But it won’t happen because Mad Max is a woman, she’s black, and she’s a Democrat!

  2. Waters and kamala both love calling for looters and rioters to never stop. But a few people went to the capital wanting to express themselves and these idiots want Trump to go to prison. Where are our chickenshit Republicans. Why aren’t they pushing for waters and kamala to be held accountable.

      • Once again, who would impeach them with all our checks and balances gone? Everything is run by the Marxist Democrats who are plotting to end America.
        All this inner discord leaves our country wide open to be attacked from other countries, too.

  3. This is incitement! Sickening. What is she doing in Minnesota when she serves California? She needs to be held accountable.


    • I think you are right on with everything you said! However I believe the cabal, deep state, socialist, communists, sent her there to do exactly what she did! Insight a riot, creating the grounds for a mistrial so they can continue this onslaught of rioting until they have taken over the country completely!

  5. If nothing is done to this crazy woman this time, the swamp is deeper than we thought!! She needs impeached and removed completely from office NOW!!!! We the people demand it!!!!

  6. Waters continually incites violence. Why isn’t anyone in the Republican Party starting the process of having her removed? What about Pelosi? She loves removing Republicans she feels are violent so why can’t she do the same for members of her own party? More double standards exhibited by the Left!

  7. She needs to be arrested NOW. The Republicans better stand up and insist she be held accountable!! All those suffering at the hands of the rioters need to sue the hell out of Mad Maxine. She is unsuitable to be in congress. She needs a mental health evaluation. She needs to be removed from office NOW. This is outrageous!!

  8. Water’s rhetoric is dangerous and incites violence. This woman has no business in government. She is a racist but her district is in shambles. Makes you wonder if she cares about those people at all. She should be censured and impeached.

  9. This crazy woman should be treated the same way MTG was. Strip her of her committees, actually remove her from Congress for inciting violence. Remember, no one is above the law!!!

  10. She is disgusting and has nothing to give America. She needs to be put out to pasture where she won’t hurt anyone. I will continuing to Pray for the hate to stop. There is hope for this Beautiful Country if we all Pray, put God back in our lives and ask for forgiveness. Our Nation will be saved.

  11. Hmmm, where’s the feds on this one? Just imagine if Trump made these statements. She’s the dumbest of dumb and it’s amazing the lemmings support this pos.

  12. HOW can this woman NOT be held accountable for instigating a race hatred and destroying personal property??
    If At Republican did close to this they would be thrown under the bus!!
    This is NOT a representative of THE PEOPLE!! THIS Is HATRED in the WORST form. Throw her OUT of her seat NOW!!!

  13. And yet they tried to impeach President Trump for the January 6th riots. Why aren’t the republicans filing a suit against her for the same dam thing. Why our weak republicans won’t do a bloody thing . This is not first she has done this. Remember, if you see the Trump employees or staff in restaurants or on the streets. Get in their faces and harass them. Nothing happened to this dimwit then and nothing will happen to her now!!! So sick of the double standard we have in this country!!!

  14. Crazy sick Maxine waters should not only be impeached she should be Locke. Up throw away the key this isn’t the first time of inciting riots and won’t be the last that is all she knows how to do please lock this witch up

  15. They twisted Trumps speech and called it inciting violence from his supporters? Wtf do you call this bs? Waters is in public clear as day inciting violence ! All Lives Matter. Stop the BS

  16. Inciting violence all the time she needs stripped of everything where’s the justice where are you FBI why has she not been arrested do your damn job what the hell are you afraid of. Now she’s screwed up the trials. You people want a civic war you will get your wish

  17. I’m getting tired and wary my great country has lost its grasp of what is right. The trusted reasoning coming from a sitting representative who have spoken numerous times in the same rhetoric comes unnoticed by the same government officials who have condemned Pres Trump January 6 though he specifically said the word “peaceful”! When will these riots and destruction end when a black man dies no matter if they have criminal records? There’s no more wrong doings if you’re a black man? Everyone becomes racist if you do something wrong to a black man! No need to look for other reasons or probable cause. An old Filipino woman going to church got beaten up by a black man and media is silent. No protest or riots. Sad to know when love ones die irregardless of ethnicity.

  18. She should be impeached for insurrection just like they did to President Trump. She is inciting riots. What’s good for one should be for all!

  19. She’s a rascist. And she in inciting violence but not rules apply to the left ever. Her ass should be thrown in jail. Cannot look at that ugly nasty lying mug anymore. Her hate is so strong move the hell out of the US. And take your rascist chants with you. You unamerican terrorist.

  20. These politicians who should be calling for piece instead side with rioters burning down cities. If this isn’t radical I don’t know what is. She will not be held accountable because these crazy people cover each other’s asses and we have no faith in the FBI, CIA, or DOJ. Such a disgrace!

  21. She’s an unforgiving racist of the worst order. She encourages people to destroy and harm others. People who are a danger to others in this way are usually put in a mental institution as well she should be. She’s a sick woman who needs to be removed from our lawmaking body as soon as possible.

  22. The woman is insane. Perhaps she could do everyone a favour, and keep her mouth shut. She is inciting people to participate in acts of violence. Good thing Sleepy Joe is uniting America, not.

  23. Waters is out of her mind. She does not want justice. She wants vengeance. She should be jailed for abetting and inciting a riot. What a bitter, racist, interfering, corrupt, demented, hateful being.

  24. If this is allowed to continue, it is going to be a long summer for a lot of places and a lot of innocent people! I just don’t understand how this is not inciting violence but Trump says go peacefully and let your voice be heard is inciting violence?! The double standard is blatantly obvious and it makes me sick to my core!

  25. Isn’t what she’s doing the same thing she accused Trump of? Except it’s okay, she’s a Demorat right? I say she is the one causing a problem. Encouraging violence is not the answer. She’s making the problem worse. Strip her of her duties as a Congress woman. She is a nutcase with evil in her heart for all Americans. This woman wants war among Americans no matter what color they are. She loves attention and creates trouble every time she opens her mouth. Arrest her and put her mouth to rest. Enough already.

  26. Waters is now on video inciting insurrection! She needs to removed from Congress and charged. However, the hypocritical Democrats and RINOs will do nothing other than to charge peaceful protesters and those who did not incite it in word or action.

  27. She was in the documentary about the Rodney King riots. She did the same thing there. She’s just another race baiter.

  28. Bet Twitter and other sites leave her comments up. This is bullshit. These people in positions jump out and incite racial hate and violence and this is acceptable to a ho and moron and obudumba in DC as unification. These same idiots are more concerned with flooding illegals in than dealing with the real issues. White people are in danger, these corporations have blood on their hands same as these people calling for violence for their involvement. Do they think blm cares who they steal new shoes and TVs from ? This will never end until there is civil war and our own military puts whites are in chains.

  29. This bitch needs a class action lawsuite for her domestic violence she puts on all of us! Seriously we need a lawyer to take the case,

  30. She needs to be arrested for inciting violence she needs to be arrested now if anybody gets hurt because of her comment they need to sue the shit out of her she needs to be arrested

  31. I am so damn sick of this double standard.. This rotten hag literally incites violence, but nothing will be done to punish or even reprimand her… Another example of just how low this country has fallen…

  32. Yes, they’re pushing all our buttons to get a physical outbreak…
    BTW, does this compare to Jan. 6 where Dems alleged Trumps’ words on that day for inciting the surge on the Capitol? Will Maxine be charged with the same? I’ll wait until Cows fly!

  33. I think she knows that Chauvin is going to go free with a slap on the hand. They are having a hard time proving that Floyd died by knee without a shadow of doubt. This is why she came out right before they close arguments on upcoming Monday. Think about it. This is to incite violence and riots because they will lose. Her ego can’t handle it. California wake the hell up and get rid of this POS. She does NOT serve you and your best interest. This whole thing will implode on the Demoncrats and the States they represent. I’m in Texas…..I can’t tell you how many NY license plates I see on the roads down here now. Californians have been in exodus here in Texas for years. I just pray they don’t turn this State purple/blue.

  34. Inciting violence and hatred. Hummm…should she be held to the same standards as Greene was? Or is it ok for her to do things and the rest of us get arrested or worse

  35. When I saw the Headline- I had some hope that Maxine was going to preach positives, but I was truly disappointed. I had hopes she would encourage a peaceful resolution. She has to know she is advocating for violence and death of the youth of all colors. I have no respect for her.

  36. What a despicable , disgusting scum bucket N……!!! My family, unfortunately lives very close to these RIOTS. You had better hope nothing happens to innocent people. This STUPID B…. will suffer when hell has an opening. CIVIL WAR OR PERHAPS A REVOLUTION IS UPON US ALL. DEFEND YOURSELVES !!!!!

  37. MAD Maxine Waters should have been impeached a long time ago. The money she gave to her own daughters company is fishy. Now she is inciting rioting, the very thing she accused President Trump of doing in January; and this is the 2nd time she incited rioting. She doesn’t even live in the poor district she is supposed to represent. She is, I believe, in her 80’s and should be forced to step down. She is a perfect example of why we need to have limits as to how many times a career politician can run for office so no one spends 50 to 60 years in office….WE NEED TERM LIMITS not politicians who incite violence and support domestic terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA. Just my opinion.

  38. Maxine Waters is the most hateful racist monster I’ve ever seen. I kid you not, If she could she would eliminate all white people. That evil witch needs to be dealt with. She incites riots and murder.

  39. And why is this not inviting a riot or inciting violence. She is actually promoting what they accused Trump of doing (even though he DID NOT!) She is actually inciting rioting and stupidity if she doesn’t get what she wants.


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