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Democratic Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe declared that he plans to “build education,” just two weeks after he created a firestorm by saying parents should have little say in what public schools teach their children.

In a video taken Tuesday by the conservative Virginia Rising research group, McAuliffe was seen leaving an education roundtable discussion in Alexandria and chastising a maskless tracker who asked about his education stance.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Who do you think should be in control of education if not Virginia parents?” the tracker asked as McAuliffe walked to his vehicle.

“Have you been vaccinated yet?” McAuliffe fired back. “That’s the question I want to know. You should have a mask on. … You’re dangerous here.”

Instead of responding to the question, McAuliffe fired back, “Have you been vaccinated yet? That’s the question I want to know. You should have a mask on. … You’re dangerous here.”

“I’ll build education,” he then declared, getting in his vehicle.


Ironically, McAuliffe tweeted out a photo this week of himself without a mask:

Even CNN is remarking that McAuliffe has made some major mistakes during his campaign.  Watch below:

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  1. If the he gets to be governor of Virginia, it just proves how stupid the people are ….but then you DO have to account for the cheating that will go on

  2. Meanwhile McAuliffe is unmasked at the educators meeting. Hypocrite.

    Mr. McAuliffe, No you’re dangerous in so many ways.

  3. McAuiliffe is a turd. He wasn’t worth a shit when he was gov before and does Va want to through another years of Dem lies and bullcrap. Remember he let all the prisoners vote and released them. Do you want an idiot like Killary’s ex campaign loser manager! And telling you the voter have nothing to about these crap they are pushing in education! This loser is a Marxist!


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