WATCH: Megyn Kelly calls out Ron DeSantis

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Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, host of the Megyn Kelly Show, criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for failing to sit down for an interview on the show, speculating that he is “afraid” and lambasting many of her colleagues in the field of journalism for putting their desire to get chummy with potential presidential candidates over their job to represent their audience and seek the truth.

In a clip shared Monday, Kelly revealed that her team has asked DeSantis to come on her show, but he “has not said yes.”

“I find that very interesting. You know, I love Piers Morgan. He’s a pal of mine. But why would you go sit with the British guy and not come on the show?” Kelly said, speculating the true reason for it.

She added, “I would venture to say he’s afraid. I’m just gonna put out there he’s afraid because he knows the kind of interview that I would give him. He’s not going to get a pass. Same as Trump never got a pass for me.”

Kelly noted that she asks the tough questions to any presidential candidate. She said, “That’s the way I am with presidential candidates. And that’s because I represent the viewers not the candidates, you know, and that’s the way the journalists should be. We’re there for the viewers. We’re not there to rub elbows with these guys who may or may not be president.”

She continued, “These journalists should show it. I don’t give a shit if you’ve fallen in love with DeSantis or Trump for that matter. They’re not your friend. Your friend is your audience, is the truth.”

The Megyn Kelly Show tweeted Monday, “‘He’s afraid. I’m just gonna put this out there – he is afraid because he knows the kind of interview that I would give him. He’s not gonna get a pass.’ @MegynKelly reveals why Ron DeSantis won’t come on The #MegynKellyShow.”

“’He knows the kind of interview I would give him…’@MegynKelly, @evitaduffy_1, and @amalaekpunobi on Ron DeSantis’s continued absence from the Megyn Kelly Show.”

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  1. Megyn -all you’re doing is trying to bait him to come on your show with baseless accusations! You have no idea why he hasn’t come on your show. You lost all relevancy. Go crawl back into your hole

  2. Yep/ I usually agree with her but not this time. Even she stepped over the line. You aren’t bullet proof Megan. You’re just annoying.


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