WATCH: Meteorologist collapses on live TV in frightening moment

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A local Los Angeles meteorologist suddenly collapsed while on live TV in a terrifying moment on Saturday morning.

CBS Los Angeles weather woman Alissa Carlson Schwartz’s co-anchors had just cut to her to deliver her 7 a.m. weather report when she appeared to turn white and leaned forward uneasily on her desk.

Schwartz tried to steady herself but suddenly her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Ironically, the co-anchors were trying to lead into the weather report by saying, “This really is the calm before the storm.”

At that moment, the “storm” hit, as Schwartz went down, first collapsing with her head on the table, then disappearing completely, as she fell to the floor and out of sight.

Shocked, the co-anchors announced they were going to a commercial break.

RAWSALERTS shared a video of the horrifying moment.  WATCH BELOW:

CBS Los Angeles said in a statement later that Schwartz was being treated at the hospital.

TMZ reported that a similar incident had happened in 2014, when Schwartz was working at different network. At that time, she was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve.

Later on Saturday, Schwartz posted a short message on Facebook, writing, “Thanks for all the texts, calls, & messages. I’m going to be ok!”

Schwartz was crowned Mrs. California in 2018, according to People.

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  1. This is wrong of me- but I actually wish Whoopi, or Joy would
    Collapse in fro t of us. Esp Joy/ for the constant lies! I’m so tired of it. I wouldn’t feel a pant of remorse. I have stooped to their level.
    I’m going to go pray now.

  2. Wow and what the hell? At first, I thought it was supposed to be like an SNL skit! Then, I thought, “Omg”… This is real! Ihope she is OK! 😵‍💫


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