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The parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley have shown “no remorse” since being charged in connection with their teen’s slaughter of four students at school last week, a law-enforcement official says.

James and Jennifer Crumbley have appeared “sullen” in their separated sections of the Oakland County jail, Sheriff Michael Bouchard told MSNBC on Saturday.

The article goes on to state the following:

“They’re not talking much to us,” Bouchard said. “We’ve not seen any remorse.”


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  1. Why, again, are the parents being incarcerated when their son is being charged as an adult for the crimes committed? Did they actually take part in the planning and execution of the stack? In not sure what the sheriff deputies expect to see regarding “remorse.” I’m sure they are somber, and likely wondering what to do next. If the were complicit, then by all means, charge and try them, but if not, let them go and get the trial of the criminal started.

    • On the money, Steve. They’re just trying to make an example of the parents and I think it’s disgusting. The gun was in THEIR bedroom dresser and the lil psycho came in and stole it. The mom texted him “don’t do it.” And the dad called the cops informing them it was their son. I don’t see how any of those things make the parents complicit.

  2. What? Are they supposed to grovel at your feet in order to sho remorse, sheriff? I would be sullen too if I felt I was charged with this crime which I did not do.

  3. You don’t want to incriminate yourselves in any way. You don’t know which jailhouse snitch is. Dont get into a assault or they will keep you for a year.

  4. The mom knew exactly what the son was going to do. She could have stopped it. She said to the son,( please don’t do it) Well if that’s not involved in the murders. WHAT IS ?????????? She’s just as guilty as the son. Kids died because of her silence. Wake up folks. Both involved. Hang them both.

  5. Lol why should they be showing remorse? They didn’t kill anyone. They actually did the right things by texting him “don’t do it” and calling the cops and letting them know it was their son.

  6. Is our country really going down this road where the “sins” of the children are pinned on the parents or vise versa? This is why the left is absolutely off their rockers. I pray for a red sunami in this years elections. Sick of this.

  7. And what feelings are the Oxford principal & counselor showing?
    If you think the parents should be charged then take these two school administrators along with them.


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