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Former Vice President Mike Pence says he knows he did “the right thing” on Jan. 6 in certifying the 2020 election and ignoring the requests from then-President Donald Trump to overturn the Electoral College results.

“I know in my heart of hearts that on that day, we did our duty, under the Constitution,” Pence said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network that was released a few days ago. “I don’t know if President Trump and I will ever see eye to eye on that day. Or that many of our most ardent supporters will agree with my decision that day. But I know I did the right thing.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Pence has also spotlighted his belief that “there were irregularities” in the 2020 presidential election.


“There were states across the country that conducted their elections outside of what the legislature had approved,” Pence said, adding that he believes were “properly reviewed in the courts.”

““There are millions of folks who are angry with you in the MAGA movement .. People have called you a traitor,” Brody told Pence, asking him to respond to the anger.

“He who keeps his oath, even when it hurts,” Pence replied, citing the Bible.

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  1. F you pence. If you were so concerned about the constitution, you would would have overturned the election. You can be that stupid as not to know the election wasn’t stolen, but then again you may have been paid off or threatened

  2. What court was that that properly reviewed ANY of the claims of election fraud? You are a fraud as well. You did Not hold up your commitment to constitution. I hope you got paid well by the opposition.

  3. What was right about what you did? Mr. Pence??? You let down 800,000,000 Americans! Now our country is in Disarray, many lost jobs and we pay higher prices on everything! Not to mention all the hatred between people! You did right for yourself only!!! Yes I said it and I am upset

  4. Pence, you did not do the right thing and if you still think so then you are a delusional traitorous moron. Even a 5th grader could see there was fraud. You did not have the courage or balls to kick over the apple cart and force the issue. That would have forced the lazy supreme court to do their job and make a decision based on facts. There were plenty if facts but you Mikey had no spine to see this through. Stop acting like a God almighty Christian; you were defeated by Satan on Jan 6.

  5. I do not agree at all with Mike Pence. I believe with my whole heart that the election was rigged. I watched every single Trump rally while he was campaigning and even the ones he has done since out of office. Trump is loved by millions! Me Magoo was put into office by a rigged election by many cast of evil characters the day after Satanic Hilary lost. Only an idiot would believe otherwise and I would challenge anyone to say otherwise

  6. For years I thought the Bushes were good and wanted what is best for America. President Trump caused them to show their true colors. You Mr. Pence are another one that had me fooled. This world is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing. I hope to God you so called Republicans turn from your wicked ways so we can put a stop to this changing of America. I believe you all want that change as much as the Dems. want it because of your love for money and power.

  7. Pence is truly a gigantic moron. Trump wanted a REAL investigation into the election issues BEFORE it was too late! But Pence was too scared of the establishment fools to actually do the right thing. It appears he has snowballed himself into believing it was anything else!

  8. Being a career politician, Pence was very familiar with how DC works and the deep state operatives were going to make sure the Biden regime came into power. He knew that and was afraid, plain and simple. He might be a religious man, but not a man of courage and conviction by any means.

  9. I think you have a guilty conscience, and you don’t know how to deal with it. Are you happy the way ole man senile Biden is ruining this country. You should be ashamed. I myself will never ever vote for you ,no matter what. Your evil 🐀

  10. I may not agree with most people, because I don’t believe that Trump is the savior that most do. I voted for the man twice and I question why he appears to have set up his fanatical followers. Trump is not God, as a matter of fact, he cursed God and only a handful spoke out about that. I’m sure if he had truly shot a person in cold blood, some would still be hanging on to his coattails. I question why his judge of character is nil?
    I question why he helped put so many traitors into power! Chess or Chinese checkers, he’s just another poison hawking, money grabbing, self serving Ass. His daughter and ex on the plane from hell! He was on the plane from hell. He knows how most believe in him and not God, he knows that so many will continue to back him no matter his crimes. I remember my grandmother telling me as a child, JFK would be killed because people were worshiping him, no matter what he did. God is a jealous God. We’re in a spiritual battle. Light always wins over dark, Get on the Light side. God bless you and yours.

    • Trump is the only one with balls to stand up to the left,and we still need him. He is not God but I believe God put him in office at that time. Trump loves this country!

  11. Shirley….with all due respect…when did Trump curse God? I know he is not God…I know the difference! But he was the best we have had for a long time to fight against abortion, and do what was right for our country! And I don’t know what plane you are referring to…..please explain, thank you! And for you information I believe JFK was killed by the same people that are running our country now! He was going to crack down on the CIA and or FBI, and the evil in control were having none of that…so they took him out!

    • @D hoff. I agree with you 100%.I don’t know why everyone assumes we think Trump is God. People I know when to one of his rallies and everyone that was backstage in flow over rooms he went in and prayed with before taking stage. Shirley has lost her way & has become infected with TDS. Dems are afraid of him otherwise (why did they love him when he was a democrat and donated to them. ) even obama said the American dream was to be Donald Trump. However once he changed parties democrats went after him with a vengeance. Probably because they know his dirty little secrets.I don’t believe pence believes what he says . He could have chosen to not accept the votes & let it go to the SCOTUS. He was. either in cohoots with them. Pence had every right to not certify biden. I won’t trust him again

      • “No one thinks Trump is God” .. however Pence has no guts he only needed to send the States in question back to their Legislators.. then it would not have been his decision .. but no he had to be Mr. Big Shot well now he is toast‼️ 👎

      • “No one thinks Trump is God” .. however Pence has no guts he only needed to send the States in question back to their Legislators.. then it would not have been his decision .. but no he had to be “Mr. Big Shot” well now he is toast‼️ 👎

  12. I’m sorry but if you knew there were “irregularities ” then why the hell would you pass over your responsibility??

  13. Shove it up your a$$ Mike!!!! You and the whole Cabal belong in Gitmo!!!! Both you and the Pope are a disgrace to the Catholic Church. LET’s GEAUX BRANDON!!!

  14. Coward, your political career is over.
    You didn’t stand up when America needed you.
    The only career you had was because of Trump.
    Now, you have none.

  15. He actually wants to run for President in 2024, I will never vote for him. I think as a lot of you do that he was weak and would not stand up to the democrats. He thinks we are all stupid and will forget this. I agree no courts looked into any voter fraud and there was plenty of evidence. He could have made the Supreme Court to look at evidence and not dismiss the cases. He is a sleazy politician who I thought was honest but now he has lost all my respect. He made his choice to allow a puppet to ruin our great country.

  16. There is nothing worse then a cowardly man and Mike Pence was the coward. If his life was threatened or any SCOTUS life threatened.. if it were me I would call a news conference and tell the world I was being threatened by who and never shut up about it. He was a coward and that’s just the plain truth. The question is why????

  17. Why not do what Senator Ted Cruz did & refuse to certify States results like Pennsylvania and Georgia? Pennsylvania violated their own laws when their Supreme Court allowed ballots to be counted even if they came in SIX DAYS after Election Day; and Georgia had video of suitcases of ballots being brought out from under tables!

  18. Mike Pence I had the upmost respect for you until you botched it on January 6, 2021. You have no Spine & you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt who is paying your Salary‼️ You helped caused this Lunacy on the Left‼️You could have sent the States in Question in the 2020 Election back to their own State Legislature.. but no “Mr. Big Shot” had to bend over to the Left.. this is on you Pence pure & simple.‼️

  19. It still p*sees me off that January 6, is considered “a riot” but the cities that literally were looted & burned is considered to this day “mostly peaceful protests” I mean… really? Have they watched the footage from both? How stupid are people when they see with their own eyes & ignore it??
    Additionally, Pence, I liked you up until you certified what you knew to be wrong. A man who knows good but does wrong? Is a sin. (That’s in the Bible) a mail in election period is destructive with no accountability! Absentee ballots were essentially for military & those working abroad who couldn’t make it home to vote. Now? It’s laughable the amount of people who “mailed in” their ballots! The RINO’s that went along with it? Just as guilty! Our history shows there have been rampant diseases during elections but we still managed to hold elections 🙄 now? It’s so far gone… I’m not sure there will ever be a fair election again!

  20. I’m blaming most of everything that’s happening on p e n c e I think he could have done what was right but they paid him off and he was scared like everybody else is saying look what he did to America don’t like to wish ill on anybody but I do hope him and his family are living a worst kind of hell like the rest of us are but they have money so I’m sure they’re not they’re in with the bad Democrats they’re probably living up high on the hog I’m just so disappointed in Mike Pence he’s just another one that doesn’t even deserve the word vice president like Biden he doesn’t deserve the word president in front of his name either. may God have mercy on all of us


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