WATCH: Mom of NYC crime victim declares ‘time to leave plantation of Democrat Party’

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Madeline Brame, whose son, Sgt. Hason Correa, was killed in a 2018 stabbing incident in New York City, is speaking out again against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Brame’s son, a 35-year-old U.S. Army veteran and married father of three, was stabbed to death in Harlem in 2018.

In a Fox News interview on Thursday with host Laura Ingraham, Brame addressed the case of Marine veteran Daniel Penny, who Bragg has charged in the subway chokehold death of 30-year-old Jordan Neely, a homeless man who was acting erratic on a subway on May 1.

Brame, a Black woman, held nothing back in voicing her fury against Bragg, and all Democrats in general.

“The city of New York – the entire apparatus – has completely failed Mr. Penny and Mr. Neely,” she said, adding, “Mr. Neely had no business even being on that train period. Mr. Penny should’ve never even been put in that position.”

“This is a soldier, a Marine, he is trained to protect and serve. If you have a deranged individual on a locked, moving subway car, threatening to kill people and shoot people, his natural instinct is going to be to protect and serve,” she added.

Later in the interview, Brame said if the races had been reversed – if Mr. Penny had been Black and Neely had been White – “we wouldn’t hear nothing about this story.”

“Just like we don’t hear anything about all the Black on Black crime that’s happening in our community. As soon as it’s a White cop, or a White person who does something to a Black person, then all of a sudden everybody wants to play the race card, and be the AOC’s of the world, and use the word like lynching…” Brame declared.

“I can tell you something right now, in the Black community, we’re sick and tired of it! We’re tired of it!” she said, clearly fed-up.

“It’s time to leave the plantation of the Democrat Party,” Brame declared. “It’s time to leave. Because we’ve got nothing but delapidated housing, failed schools, crime, unemployment, abortion, and every other horrible that you can absolutely think of!”


In a Twitter post on Friday morning, Brame wrote, “Some people are comfortable living in the plantation because that’s all they know and are afraid to step out into the unknown, they will stay and fight against anyone who makes them “think” to hard about doing something different. However, millions have been looking and waiting for the day to walk away from the plantation to “Freedom in their minds”. Don’t continue to be a slave when all you have to do is “Walk Away”.”

Brame also tweeted, “VOTE NYers VOTE all of these useless bums OUT! Everything they touch has failed miserably! VOTE the BUMS OUT! 🗳️”

In another Twitter post, Brame wrote, “Al Sharpton & @AOC don’t want to talk about Mr. Neely’s many victims and long violent criminal history. They want everybody to be emotional and reactive. It keeps “them” getting paid.”

“If this had been a black on black incident Al Sharpton would not be delivering the eulogy. Such disingenuous hypocrisy,” Brame declared in fury.

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