WATCH: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes melts down defending gender surgery for children, gets hit with major backlash

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Conservatives ripped MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes for going on a rant against Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., after the Republican signed bills that would ban gender surgeries for minors in his state.

Conservatives, like radio personality and Fox News Channel “Life, Liberty and Levin” host Mark Levin, called the network a “freak show” for broadcasting the obscene rant in which the MSNBC anchor yelled that DeSantis barring the medical practices is none of his “g—— business!”

Hayes’ furious commentary happened Thursday night in response to DeSantis signing several bills the day before that included a ban on transgender treatments for children and legislation regarding the use of pronouns in schools.

The Senate Bill 254 prohibits anyone under age 18 from undergoing sex-reassignment surgeries or taking prescription-based cross-sex hormones.

Before signing the bill on Wednesday, DeSantis announced, “This will permanently outlaw the mutilation of minors. It will outlaw the surgical procedures and experimental puberty blockers for minors.”

“It will also require any adults receiving these surgeries to be informed about the irreversible nature and about the dangers of the procedures. It will give the courts temporary jurisdiction to intervene and halt procedures for out-of-state children,” DeSantis added.

Hayes went into a rage against DeSantis over the new bill, declaring, “That law also empowers state courts to change custody agreements if a child is receiving or is at risk of receiving gender-affirming care – meaning taking a kid away from a parent.”

“Now the sick irony here, the one that I just can’t get over… is that the right-wing movement that gave us this new law signed yesterday, is the very same group of people that screamed about parental rights for years amidst the pandemic,” Hayes raged.

He likened it to parents who fought for rights to determine whether their child wears a mask, gets vaccinated, or is kept home from school.

Now Hayes is furious that DeSantis has signed a law forbidding parents from giving “gender-affirming care” to their children, which includes mutilating surgeries and puberty blockers.

Hayes touted that “gender-affirming care” is supported and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Think about what this means right now – as I’m speaking to you – there are parents and families in Florida who have decided as a family, as parents, along with their doctors, that this health care, gender-affirming care, is the best care for their kids, Hayes declared, adding that it’s none of anyone else’s business.


Hayes also fumed over the new law on Twitter, writing, “The law DeSantis signed in Florida banning care for trans kids is despicable and a frontal assault on the vaunted “parental rights” he and his ideological cohort have been screaming about for years.”

“In Florida, you no longer get to make healthcare decisions for your own child: Ron DeSantis makes them. It doesn’t matter what you think is best for your kids, Ron tells you.”

“Parents don’t have a “right” to abuse their kids, Chris,” host Liz Wheeler responded.

One Twitter user fired back, “I run a “Breast Cancer” Support group. Explain to me if a person does not have a disease, disorder or the BRCA gene, why surgically removing healthy, non-diseased body parts from children is considered “care.” I can wait for your response.”

“Sterilizing children is not care and no parent has a right to do that to their child,” one person wrote.

“Parents don’t have the right to sterilize or mutilate their kids,” another added.

“What’s despicable is calling the mutilation and sterilization of kids and adults “care”.” another Twitter user wrote.

Some reminded Hayes that children aren’t even allowed to get tatooes.

Conservative commentator Pedro Gonzales weighed in, tweeting, “Chris Hayes is fuming because DeSantis made it illegal in Florida for minors to be “transitioned” by having their genitals mutilated and their bodies filled with dangerous drugs and hormones. He’s also lying to his audience about the details with euphemisms like “healthcare choices.” This is just evil.”

Pradheep J. Shanker, a radiologist, reacted:

Just to be clear here .. If @chrislhayes believes in parental rights so much, I guess he agrees that parents should be able to stop their minor children from having an abortion without their permission. Correct? Does he think parental rights are absolute?

If parental rights are NOT absolute, then we are talking about debating tradeoffs…if acknowledge this, acknowledge there are times minors may need to get abortions without parental consent (incest, for example) and there are times the state needs to protect kids from parents.

Grabien founder Tom Elliott tweeted, “.@chrislhayes, Honest question: Do you believe parents should be able to prevent their minor-aged children from getting gender-transitioning surgery?”

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