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A new trailer for Unprecedented, the filmmaker of which turned over a trove of footage to the House Jan. 6 committee last month, offered a glimpse of the flick’s extensive access to the Trump family.

Former President Donald Trump and his children can be seen fussing over camera shots and detailing their grueling campaign trail work as the trailer builds up to a tease of the chaos that unfolded during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Jan. 6 was expected,” British documentary filmmaker Alex Holder, who made the film, said about the events leading up to the riot, according to the New Republic. “I predicted it was going to happen the day before.”

During one scene, Ivanka Trump was messing with her dress and asked her makeup artist, “Can I borrow your dog?”

Eric Trump was in another scene talking about how many events the Trump family has attended. He said, “54 campaign events in 48 hours.”

Former President Trump comments during a rally, “We will make liberals cry again.”

A spokesperson previously told the Washington Examiner that the series will highlight the “final six weeks of President Trump’s reelection campaign.”

Politico tweeted Tuesday, “POLITICO Playbook has obtained exclusively a trailer for Alex Holder’s docuseries about the Trump family, which was among the hours of footage the filmmaker turned over to the Jan. 6 committee. Watch it here.”

“The new video highlights Holder’s unique access to the former president and his family. It includes unseen footage of Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, each of whom is shown in outtakes from sitdown interviews.”

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  1. Think about this: There was a camera crew recording them constantly, yet there is nothing. If there had been, they would have shown it to the world. They are trying to figure out how to edit it to make it look bad. They should call Piers Morgan for assistance.

    • 5 years millions upon millions spent on investigations and they ain’t got a damn thing all the video footage all the interviews supposed Russia collusion the January 6th committee and they still they got nothing. The January 6th commission is just Kabuki theater they’re just trying to damage him as much as they can before the elections because they know they don’t have anything on him. So they give irrelevant footage to the January 6th committee knowing there’s nothing on there that has anything to do with they’re so called insurrection. Here they go with their little petty things thinking it’s important

    • Those were my thoughts the moment I heard the tapes had been turned over to the committee. They are going to splice and dice it to make the family look as bad as possible. I feel a set up coming on :/(((

    • And just think about Pelosi pushing a child and ripping papers as President Trump was giving the State-of-the-Union. The left is so Pathetic!

  2. So? My family fusses over photo shots. What is this? Another, let’s get Trump- docu? Phsst! Nothing burger! It’s always ‘something’ when its Trump and nothing when it’s Pelosi, Shummer, Biden, Harris,a Stolen Election… I could run on but you get my point, I hope! 😏

  3. Trump is THE most vetted person in history . . . and there is nothing to be found. Yet, the panic left (& rinos) keeps attempting to manufacture a scandal. Pathetic.

  4. Looks like a hard working family, totally devoted for the good of our country. In it for all for the right reasons because they’re frickin rich and don’t need the crap that comes with serving as a political outsider. Makes me miss them all the more!!!

  5. Probably just another misinforrming piece of propaganda with cut up clips to formulate an out-of-context narrative that Trump [and his kids] were responsible for Jan. 6

    As if Liz Cheney created a documentary on the day.

    If they included “peacefully and patriotically” in the film, I would give it a chance. But just the trailer shows how that film is going to go.

  6. Even this article tries to make the preview sound bad. When you print quotes without seeing the video, it completely changes the context. They act quite normal. Who wouldn’t want everything to be “just right” for the filmed interviews? More nothing burgers. When will it end?

  7. Well most families do lol. They are just trying to make them look bad. We are glad the whole family loves America!!!! That is why we love them!!!!!

  8. I have worked on a few movie sets before and EVERYONE would be checking their hair, the background, and other things that may be in the “shot”…so what the Trump family are doing in this “brief clip” is EXACTLY what everyone else (actors, politicians etc…) do while getting ready for an “interview” or even a movie or commercial taping.

  9. It just shows you how close their family is they’re putting this out like they’re bickering that’s not bickering have You met My family look at your own families how’s your Thanksgiving go every year what about that weird uncle etc at least he has a family of professionals they’re not a bunch of drug addicts thugs and criminals hurting people like most Democrats

  10. I didn’t even watch this BS…. Because I really could care less about a family fussing about anything… all families fuss this is sssstttttupid!!!

  11. So big deal…they fussed over video shots. What exactly does that prove??? Absolutely positively nothing. Are any of us even interested in this BS??? Not one iota. We are too concerned with Gas prices and food prices. Also, the fact that when you do go the grocery store you can’t get what you actually need.

  12. Seems like Examiner has now gone left these day. I remember when Clintons used to mark carpets and side walks with red Xs to position themselves for the best lighting and shots when on camera. All politicians dothis nonsense but you go out of your way to attack Trump. Bye bye Washington Examiner, I’m canceling my subscription.

  13. I love my Trump! There was nothing in there, but on the other hand it was kind of delightful. They are trying to flog him and his family with wet noodles.

  14. So Pelosi elbows a little girl during her mothers swearing in . But yet the Trump family having a spat about who goes where is news. Give me a fn break.

    • God forbid Ivanka doesn’t want her underwear line showing through her dress! That’s it, it means Donald’s corrupt! 😂

  15. Why are you calling this news Dennis? It’s just more liberal trash, c’ mon man dig up some real dirt on some real criminals like pelosi or Biden. Oh wait they won’t let you print that maybe?

      • Bruce still doesn’t understand the simple concept of your public service provided here. “What a sad strange little man.” Thank you for all you do Dennis

  16. I’m gonna watch it just because I like to see behind the scenes of things. The makers of this film have absolutely nothing. This only proves that the Trumps make sure they represent America as it should be done, With class! Not like what we have embarrassing us now instead.

  17. Dude says he knew a riot was going to happen? He knew the day before? OK, loser, who told you that?? How come you’re not testifying before the railroading J6 Committee? Don’t we all know who is really behind it, hmmm? Oh wait, you were with Trump the whole time so if he was behind it you’d have been first in line to bow to the CheneyKitzingerPelosiBeast. Screw off, loser.

  18. Dunderhead, the smattering of current event news here is provided in snippets so busy working people can get a variety of types of news from a variety of news sources WITHOUT HAVING TO WATCH FUCKING CNN. Why is this so hard to understand? 🤷🤷🤷🤦🤦🤦


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