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Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is featured in an Independence Day ad encouraging Florida residents to move to California.

The ad, which is paid for by the governor’s reelection campaign, is an early salvo in what could be a 2024 presidential showdown between Newsom and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). It follows more than 360,000 people leaving California in 2021, including to places such as the Sunshine State due to such things as affordability, state regulations, and access to jobs.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It’s Independence Day — so let’s talk about what’s going on in America,” Newsom says in the ad, which he tweeted out on Sunday. “Freedom is under attack in your state,” he adds before taking aim at Republican leaders.

“I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight — or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom: Freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate, and the freedom to love,” Newsom continued. “Don’t let them take your freedom.”

Newsom’s ad comes as California is facing an increase in the state’s already sky-high gas tax just in time of Independence Day.


REPORT: Price shock: California’s gas tax just went up, not down

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  1. Everybody’s fleeing California why would anybody want to move there. Business is also fleeing in droves. And now they just raise their gas tax even more during this gas crisis to pay for a legal aliens health Care enjoy what you vote for California cuz you’re all screwed

  2. The far left really know how to pull our strings…but we hold on strong and see right through their attempt to aggravate the smarter.

  3. CA was such a nice place to grow up but the Dems have ruined it. It breaks my heart to see what they have done to CA.

    • I feel the same way about NY and NYC. They have destroyed such an amazing city. A place I was once proud to be from. Everything they touch they turn to sh*t.

  4. I live here in California! He MUST be on “edibles” 🤣
    Let’s talk about Freedom Newsom… What about MY FREEDOM to not be vaccinated or else I would lose my job. What about keeping MY STATE of CA in a continued “State of Emergency” with NO END in sight! What about ALL THE BS Mandates you put in place to curtail FREEDOM! Your insane Gavin! You “play” politics to one side and NOT all residents who like to think for themselves!
    1. Vaccines should be OPTIONAL
    2. Let business owners like me keep my business open instead we had to sneak people in through the back door 🙃
    3. Continually masking kids and not letting their parents have the option to “opt out”
    4. Homelessness is OUT OF CONTROL
    5. Crime is OUT OF CONTROL (smash and grab!)
    6. Giving illegal aliens medical and housing
    7. Releasing millions of gallons of our precious water from our reservoirs into the ocean because of non-stop environmental causes trying to save a fish population that has dwindled in numbers for over 30 years! (The Delta smelt and the Chinook) get some REAL EXPERTS to deal with that problem instead of releasing the much needed water to out farmers!
    Ugh 😩

  5. Newsom is an idiot. He just gave border jumpers $3.5 million in aid.
    Who the hell would even consider moving to California!!!!!!

  6. Lol why would anyone be that stupid Newsome. You maybe oblivious to all that crime, homelessness, and drugs and the struggle you put people through due to high taxes, but the people in Fl probably aren’t and if they own a home why would they give it up and start over with a high cost home which is probably smaller than what they already have.

  7. Being a Floridian and have been to California. There is no comparison. The people in Florida would practically give you the shirt off their backs or anything if it would help you. Not in California. California created their problems. If you like it their the take a page from Florida. The California books are rubbish

    • No Gwen, California is Democrat paradise. All Democrats belong there. I will gladly pay my fair share to relocate those left in this country who think living under Democrat rule is a great time to CA. I would even support our manufacturing new Statues for CA so they having something to destroy on the weekends. We can send CA statues of babies, SUVs, high capacity magazines for guns, Tom Brady and even cows. Does anyone have statue ideas they would like to add?

  8. On behalf of all Floridians i would like to offer Newsom a trade. In exchange for a couple cases of fine CA wine, we offer CA our Karen’s. We offer this in the name of friendship and Florida highway safety. If the Federal Government keeps sending us Covid infected illegals, we will trade them for CA avocados. Now as a sweetener to this deal we are going to send you Nancy Pelosi when she eventually moves into her home in Naples Florida. To help your failing Marist economy, we will ask all congressional Democrats to please consider vacationing in San Francisco rather than Florida. We will gladly spring for muck boots so when the step in human poop, it won’t ruin their shoes.

  9. That’s a joke, right? What a jerk! Guess he might be trying to figure out where his tax support is going to come from. He’ll get millions from the homeless and illegals. Hahahaha. This guy has crap for brains along with his demon democrats.

  10. Glad to be a fourth generation Floridian. Living the free life. Welcome to anyone that wants to come and keep our state free from liberal nonsense.

  11. I live in Florida and enjoy complete Freedom here, clean and safe streets, great law enforcement officers, and a governor with a brain!

  12. Nuisance Newsome has it all wrong and loaded with propaganda! Anyone who leaves Florida for Liberal California is too stupid to stay in Florida! California is diseased with socialism, anti-American, illegal-loving politicians, homelessness and the most expensive real estate in the country! I wouldn’t live there if they paid me to to! California should sink into the Pacific Ocean!

  13. He is joking right? The cost of living alone, not to mention some of the problems like homelessness, drugs,gangs, crazies elites, ect….no thank you

  14. What about the 2nd Amendment “freedom to bear arms” ? In California ! FY ! You arrogant pompous asshole ! GFY Crackheah !!

  15. Who would even consider moving to California? Probably a mindless brain dead liberal idiot. And if you’ve a mind too I would encourage you to move. Please do. “CALIFORNIA OR BUST!”
    One less idiot in my state. Please move to the land of the freaks. I’ll stay here and suffer the blessings of my conservative state. You go!

  16. That idiot of a governor is a complete commie asshole
    You idiots that voted for him deserve the crap he dishes out. I would NEVER move to California, Washington, oragan

  17. I have to laugh. I am a Californian who believes Newsom is the worst governor ever. If you believe he has the interest of Californians at heart, think again.

  18. WTF Newsome wants us or me to leave my free state to go live in a place where you cant afford a house .
    Crime is insane
    Homeless on the streets
    Cant have an Ar 15 or any gun you want
    They are cov19 crazy
    Plus way too many Democrats and great white sharks !

    No Thanks im staying here!

  19. So it was ok to criminalize doctors who spoke out against the vaccine and when they recommended HCQ and ivermectin, but now it is not ok when it comes to abortion? That’s how the demorats work. A bunch of cry babies who throw a fit if they can’t get what they want. I wouldn’t go to California if you paid me. DeSantis rocks!

  20. this is what sleeping with soros gets you. he owns the voting machines him n feinstein so they will always be in control no republicans at all. no freedoms at all unless you’re filthy rich. 1984 ya’ll. animal farm ya’ll, marx, stalin, hitler, mao all wrapped up in a neat package delivered right to your door courtesy of the democrats

  21. To Governor Newsom & NY Mayor Adams trying to convince people from Florida to their States: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂😂😂😂😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕Delusional Progressive Socialists! #FJB

  22. I’m sure Florida wouldn’t miss the liberal idiots if they moved to Cali. In fact I bet a lot would help you. Fools.


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