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A group of people unvaccinated people in New York City were kicked out of a restaurant and arrested for “trespassing” Monday night, according to a series of videos posted on Twitter by NYC photographer Leeroy Johnson.

The group of activists were protesting the vaccine mandates.  New York requires proof of vaccine for anyone entering certain businesses, including restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues.

The incident happened at the Bubba Gump restaurant in Times Square. The restaurant called the NYPD, who arrested about a dozen people, including one woman in a wheel chair.

Below are Johnson’s videos and details he shared on Twitter:

An Army of #NYPD Officers responded yesterday to Bubba Gump to remove the UnVaccinated from a restaurant. That cost the city tons of money. Do they know the people will leave the restaurant right after they eat ?

Funny part is. I bet you some of those cops who showed up were UnVaccinated themselves lol

The NYC #MTA and Post Office were able to bypass the vaccine mandates . The #NYPD got a 3 month extension because of their lawsuit. But the average person lost their jobs due to the mandates. Make it make sense!

#happeningnow at a restaurant in NYC. Activists against mandates attempt to dine in and were refused service by the restaurant. The #NYPD was called on them. The Officers told them they must leave the restaurant.

#happeningnow at a restaurant in Time Square NYC that’s for the vaccinated only. Activists were refused service and the NYPD was called on them. One of the Activists speaks to the manger of the restaurant.

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  1. But **actual** criminals – rape, murder, steal, assault: those criminals are released from jail, generally with no cash bond (because…???).

    Well, NYC, you voted in the liberal mayor (and had a great conservative option in Silwa), and an uber-liberal da.

    If you don’t like what these two schmoozers are doing to NYC: Remember that when you next vote for the governor, mayor, or da.

    You should have known what you were getting yourselves into – if you paid any attention.

  2. Wonder if the new ” mayor” will say ” no biggie let them walk like the rest ” no more jailtime” , i mean if you’re going to be FAIR then these people deserve the same treatment as the ARMED robbers … It will be typical if I’m wrong

  3. Yet you can steal, Rob and beat people up without getting arrested. BLM/Antifa can terrorize patrons, burn things down but nothing happens to them. They get roads painted for them. America has gone nuts!

  4. That would be the last time I would EVER eat at this restaurant and any other restaurant that would do this to the people of NYC. When all these evil politicians are arrested and life gets better I would hope people would remember this and never eat at those joints again. I have never had a desire to visit NYC and now I have good reason not to ever visit there. That new mayor better stop being a tyrant or he will be voted out also.

  5. What the guck is wrong with these people? No wonder why they are leaving in droves!!Why don’t they concentrate on the criminals that are committing real crime!! They have a huge crime issue and they do this!!! So fucked up! This is not our America… sad…sad… day. I would boycott all of the restaurants that do this!!

  6. Boycott Bubba gump,,, go open a store in communist china fuckers

    Hope the employees who called the cops go jobless … woke morons pos

  7. Well , wow cancel culture wants cops out !! Why in hell would they do the lefts bidding????? That makes no sense to me !! Shame on the cops for doing their bidding !!!!!! Quit !! Cops are needed every where except NYC burn that hell hole to the ground

  8. I see NO masks were worn by ANY patrons at the restaurant. Do people who are vaccinated think they can’t get Omicron or spread the virus? They just broke their own Socialist law. When you spread fear and give it too, they it negates the whole thing. LOL 😆

  9. Americans you had better wake up
    This is now the Gestspo tactics that Hitler did. And now our house with the moron in it Is the new Kremlin
    Their rights have been violated.
    But then again it’s Americans not illegals
    And Biden’s 200,000 Afghan Muslims are being taken care of with the $9 billion that 36 republicans voted with the democrats To give Biden to house and feed them. But arrest Americans because of a orchestrated control tactic.
    Before they are through There will be blood in the streets.
    Americans died to keep Hitler and Stalins beliefs out Of America
    And here we are
    Americans do not know what Hitler had done to people. He had doctors all over every country he invaded Doing wicked experiments thousands of people
    If this continues I dare say those will start up here as these people in our government are as evil as he was.
    There are people living today with those experiments
    Like a penis where your nose is Or your butte has an ear. Oh yeah those are well documented

  10. Wow. Guess we now know what it’s like to live in a third world country… o wonder people are willing to die to try and get to the USA border… maybe we should show this video to them and they will stop coming. USA is not as free as it once was!!

  11. The restaurant screwed themselves. More of us than them. Why would anyone purposely go there to eat? Bubba gumps is gross. I would eat at Long John Silvers or Captain D’s before there.

    YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY DISSAPPOINTED O ASSURE YOU….Second…Who the F cares about Forrest Gump anymore !!? No one even remembers that mediocre movie with that liberal douche anyway !…Some humans are so dumb and gullible it’s really embarrassing.

  13. Sure they will be prosecuted with 15 years to life while the other crimes get less or even set free. Protests never solve anything just makes matters worse

  14. I would protest by walking in to eat. When they ask for jab passport . I would say bye bye and walk out. There no money from me to you but then again I wouldnt be in New York in the first place .

  15. Boycott Bubba Gump! This shows how easy it was for Hitler to gain power. When people refuse to stand up and say NO you become part of the problem. Don’t be blind. BE BRAVE!! Say NO MORE!!


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