WATCH: NYPD SUV tries to knock rider off moped in terrifying caught-on-video traffic incident

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A shocking Reddit video shows an NYPD SUV swerving around a Queens highway, apparently trying to ram a moped rider and knock them off their vehicle in the middle of traffic.

The 39-second clip, taken by the occupants of a car just behind the officer and posted Wednesday by a Redditor named MelBloccs, captured the SUV attempting to box in the moped by pushing it toward a cement divider on what appears to be the Van Wyck Expressway.

When the moped slowed down and cut back across the lanes, the SUV banked hard and nearly hit the rider again.

As the woman in the following car films the shocking incident, she is heard saying,  “Look at this guy — look at him! Oh my God, he’s trying to hit him!”

She is heard repeating the license number, 388717, as she calls in to report the incident.

The report states that the moped rider eventually took off on an exit ramp and the NYPD vehicle continued on the freeway.

According to an NYPD spokesperson, the department is “aware of the video and it is under internal review.”


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  1. He had obviously done something wrong. I bet no one would be complaining if the moped guy had just murdered someone. Let the police do there job. Ask yourself why the moped didn’t stop.

    • You’ve got to be fuqing kidding. And how exactly wd u know the moped driver did “something wrong?” No lights, no sirens. No attempt to to pull him over. It’s a miracle moped driver was not killed.

      Cops like this jerqoff are the reason things rarely get better when the police show up.

  2. WHO EVER comment about that IS A FUCN BLACK IDIOT if I have an SUV and want to knock the MF OFF HIS bike they can do it in secondS, there no. Horrifying bullshit in it they actually were very cautious not to kill the motherfucker

  3. The cop didn’t have his lights on this wasn’t to initiate a stop. If a motorcycle moped you ride or drive can do the speed limit you can drive it On Any Roadway. This is in town traffic this wasn’t a freeway where you’re running 75 or 80. How would you feel if you was on your your big fat Harley-Davidson Hog and a cop did the same thing to you, would you think that it is Justified. The Police had no lights on flashing. It wasn’t to initiate a stop. That shows you the Authority police think they have. Two sets of laws.Theirs and ours, God with a Gun killing the Inocent this is why people are screaming DEFUND THE POLICE. What would you think if this was your teenage child this happened too. You wouldn’t be laughing. If you were in your SUV and you did this What do you think would happen to you. You wouldn’t have a driver’s license you would be arrested for vehicular assault because that’s what it was. I ride a cycle and I see people pull this Stunt intentionally. Running them off the road because they’re bigger than the cycle. Or swerving and hit them, been there seen it first hand, it has been done to me. There’s no excuse for anyone trying to run someone down across three lanes of traffic, repeatedly. That is Reckless assault wih a motor vehicle a felony in any state. The cop should be held responsible for this Stupid stunt. Intentionally trying to cause an accident. He should be driving a desk not the wheel of a car. If it was anyone else they would be arrested sitting behind bars right now.


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