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Former President Barack Obama in a major speech on Thursday called for more regulation of social media content, in order to diminish “disinformation.”

The former president delivered a speech on the issue at Stanford University after spending months studying the subject.

The article goes on to state the following:

He described himself as “pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist” but immediately clarified that it did not apply to social media companies.

“Freedom of speech is at the heart of every Democratic society,” Obama said, claiming, “I’m pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist.”

“The First Amendment is a check on the power of the state. It doesn’t apply to private companies like Facebook and Twitter, anymore than it applies to editorial decisions made by the New York Times or Fox News. Never has,” Obama declared.

“Social media companies already make choices about what is or is not allowed on their platforms and how that content appears, both explicitly through content moderation and implicitly through algorithms. The problem is we often don’t know what principals govern those decisions,” he added.

Obama’s speech comes just days after Elon Musk announced he wants to buy Twitter.

A Libertarian Twitter user wrote, “Obama oddly jumping back on the scene about state oversight of social media probably has nothing to do with @elonmusk positioning himself to better protect free speech on Twitter. Just a coincidence I’m sure.”

Obama tweeted on Wednesday, “Tomorrow, I’m heading to Stanford to deliver a speech about changes in the way we create and consume information, and the very real threat it poses to democracy.”

“I’ve been reading up on this issue, sitting down with academics, researchers, industry leaders and former regulators, and listening to young leaders who are working to make progress,” he added.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) mocked, “Tomorrow, Barack Obama is the keynote speaker at a Stanford University forum on “disinformation.” Good choice. He’s definitely an expert on that subject.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tweeted, “BREAKING: Barack Obama, the corrupt former president who used federal agencies to harass and spy on political opponents, calls for further censorship and government regulation suppressing free speech on Big Tech platforms.”

One Twitter user commented, “Speaking at Stanford yesterday, Obama labeled any speech that counters the Democrat party-line as disinformation and therefore must be censored. If you were wondering why Democrats hate Free Speech, now you know.”

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  1. Written speech is considered verbal. Of course it’s protected under the 1st Amendment. Obama is a clown on this one. How stupid.

  2. There you go folks the idiot has spoken and he still thinks he relevant. This po💩 is a pathetic lying corrupt anti American that spreads hate, divided the country, is a racist and started the anti police movement. Time for the mid term swamp rats to surface

  3. MR Obama it applied when you were spewing your hate, Bigotry and lies didn’t it? Oh how soon we forget! Well soon you will know when the RedWave comes crashing down on you and all your Pedophile friends. We the People are coming for you and your Kind!

  4. How convenient that Obama is making the rules. He is coming out more and more to show who actually runs this country. And it ain’t Biden!!!!

  5. This pos is directly responsible for the bs the country has and is still going thru.. The most destructive President we have ever had… Biden is nothing more than his puppet….

    • Yup there’s plenty of books out there exposing this. first amendment whatever they only pretend two follow the constitution only when it fits there narrative.

  6. He just wants Republicans censored more than they have been.. The fact checkers are like 2 weeks on their f fake fact checking too. I just had a post removed for pointing out that
    Whom want to teach sexuality to kindergarten kids should even be around a school. That got removed!!! F Obama!!Using the term disinformation to advance your agenda!! So blatantly

  7. Everything that comes out of Obummers pie hole has a familiar sound to it. This is history repeating itself. The same type of ideology came into play in Germany when Hitler rose to power in 1933. What we are seeing in our representatives in Congress are policy changes to follow suit. Our Constitutional Republic is under fire with these asshats and this country needs a cleansing of these types in office. This country has lost millions of our citizens fighting abroad to stop these types of idiots holding power in government.

  8. Hes just saying this because musk want to buy twitter this will expose the swamp . what democracy anyway ??there far left . last i checked he’s not the president anymore but thinks he is controlling biden’s decisions that’s apparent .

  9. He needs to SHUT UP & go away!!! He has been nothing but an instigator since he showed up. He makes me want to vomit!

  10. Obama is right. Business can set policy for their establishments. Those policies need to be clearly publicly displayed for all to review, and people allowed to choose if they want to participate in a false parody of American life & values..
    I have already abandoned my Facebook & IG accounts, you should as well.

  11. This pansy is a fool. He has a tongue of a snake 🐍 Only weak mined people listens to this Bull shit. He needs to leave the U.S. and take Mike with him.


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